A longish story but the end result is a happy one.......

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Nov 30, 2002
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This has been an interesting few days......... We (actually more Larry) has been jumping through hoops helping another miniature horse breeder in our area. She was only expecting two babies and doesn't have a lot of experience. One of the mares due we had sold to her three years ago, so we felt some "responsibility".

The first foal - a colt - was born without a problem, two days ago. The second mare used to belong to us. She had bred the mare to her stallion before and had an RH Factor baby which sadly didn't make it. But she liked the foal so much she decided to do the cross again.
Both of us warned her from the very beginning what she was asking for........ We even called our mutual veterinarian and he verified to her that she was asking for problems.

So as the time got closer for the birth, Larry started hammering at her about what she needed to be prepared for........As it turned out, we wound up supplying her with a muzzle for the baby, the selenium shots (for BOTH newborns), heat lamps, and extra colostrum. As it was, she wouldn't have even had ANY colostrum if we hadn't called the vet and insisted she get some. In the end, Larry still had to buy more colostrum AND some seramune (which the vet recommended.)

Oh, I should insert here.......a few days ago we moved one of OUR mares, by the name of "Nova", to the barn because she was developing a bag.....not a full one, but one to watch. We were unable to get milk from her to test, she had not dropped, and her hindend had not softened when I checked her last night at feeding time. We were allowing her barn and paddock access for the day and night.

Anyway, at 1 a.m. this morning our friend called to let us know that her RH Factor COLT had been born. She had more questions........and started the process of feeding the foal the purchased colostrum, muzzled the foal, and milked the mare out...... She was up for the rest of the night. So, Larry called first thing at dawn to check with her and offered to go up and "spell" her with the feedings to give her a chance to rest. He left here just as our daughter, Brianna's, bus picked her up.

A few minutes later Brianna is calling me from her bus driver's cell phone and yelling " MOM! MOM! NOVA HAS HAD HER BABY!"

As I'm trying to get my barn coat and boots on, Larry comes back in. He asks me "What's wrong?" I assumed that Brianna had called his cell phone too and hollered at him......" I'm going out to get Nova's baby - Stupid!"
(It turns out he'd come back to get the camera.) Needless to say, he stayed a bit longer for his OWN foal.

As it turned out, Nova foaled out, from what we estimate, at almost the same time our friend's mare did! Nova came up to the barn door loafing area and did it all on her own. She is a Bond Snippet granddaughter of our breeding. And her husband is an Alamos Locomotion grandson (Buckeroo).

We herded mom and baby (who was scampering) into a foaling stall, doused the navel, bedded the stall with hay, wormed mom, and gave baby her selenium shot. Yes, a HER. We got a FILLY. And the little one promptly needed to go for mom's teat for a security suck. Thank You God!


I do believe SOMEONE was watching out for us! I stayed home all day to make sure all was well....... Larry left and spent the day with our friend and her new foal. He came home for dinner and has gone back up to their place again for the night. That baby is doing okay but the owner thinks may be constipated on the combination of colostrum, seramune, and now Foal Lac that he's getting. (Keeping our fingers crossed.)

So that's the story.........so far......
MA and Larry --

Congratulations on your new filly

I hope your friend's colt will be okay. She is lucky to have you two!!!

So glad it turned out good! She is a pretty little red head. Hope the colt comes out of his ordeal fine too.
glad your new baby is doing so well. Congratulations!!!

Its so nice that you are looking out for your friends foal, sounds like she needs a smack up side her head as a wake up call never to breed those two again. That foal and woman is lucky to have you both. I can't imagine knowinlgy breeding and knowingly getting the same problems AND especially NOT being totally prepared for the problems! I am always shocked at how irresponsible some people can be. :DOH!

I agree Robin.

Larry went up there last night to help spell her with the 2 hour feedings so the gal could get some rest......

He just got home and going down for a nap. It looks like BOTH foals (her's and ours) are doing great, thank heaven.
You and Larry are the true " RESPONSIBLE" breeders. An example of real care and committment in helping other miniature owners, caring for your own.

Thank you for sharing that experience, and congratulations on your beautiful new filly! She's beautiful, and so is her mom.
I'm so glad it's a happy story.

I'm frustrated by your acquaintance/friend...hopefully she gets some sense, soon.

Pretty filly!!!

Whew!! What a day for you!! I'm glad everything came out okay, both for you and your friend!
Congratulations on your cute filly!!
WOW what an ordeal MA!! If you ever need anything or help, let me know. I am not too far away now!!

I need to get over for a visit and see the babies...is this the first for the year for you guys? She is a doll!! Congrats!!!
You guys are busy, busy!! Congrats on your new filly and the others your friend has. Best of luck with them all.
WOW what an ordeal MA!! If you ever need anything or help, let me know. I am not too far away now!!

I need to get over for a visit and see the babies...is this the first for the year for you guys? She is a doll!! Congrats!!!

Yep......the first one. I just pulled in another mare yesterday, though.
Brianna has named our new filly, "Nova's Little TORCH" for the mark on her face. And the mare I just moved to the barn is named FLAME!

Thanks for everyone's comments, they are appreciated!

PS: Oops - Blue Star, give us a call. You are WELCOME....you know that!
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Congrats!!! You guys are heaven-sent to help out your neighbor like that!!! I'm glad you guys got 3 babies on the ground without a hitch!
I am sure glad everything turned out ok, and that you are there to help your neighbor. It seems she doesnt realize what she is doing , by breeding these two...!! If you had not helped and gotten after her, she would have lost another foal! Also, does she realize the work and hours involved in making sure this foal is fed and taken care of right, and I hope that she doesnt continue to do this and expect you guys to pick up the slack??!! What would she have done if you were NOT close by and there WAS no one to feed to let her get some rest??!! Was she not prepared to deal with that and realize what all is involved in this?!! It is nice that she has help, but she should not take it for granted!!
What IF things had not gone well with your own mare, while you guys were taking care of hers? Would she even feel guilty that she chose to do this breeding again, knowing the problems, and pulling you away from your own livestock at such a crutial time? She is not being fair to you, or the foal, or the mare in my opinion, as the mare cannot even nurse her own baby and enjoy it like she should.

You have an awfully cute foal there, and I am again glad it turned out ok for all, but she seems like she didnt give a second thought on imposing on your good nature to take on such a responsibility when you have your own things going on! Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.
Thanks for that, Mona. I have a feeling that "Someone" up there was watching out for both of our little ones these last few days!

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