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Jess P

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Aug 22, 2004
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New Hampshire
This has a lot to do with miniatures, so I figure I'd post it here.

IT all started this morning. Had to get up early for a dermatologist appointment for a small bump on my nose. It is just a sist, and Im going to end up getting it scraped off later on. Get home, order pizza, tralala.

I go outside, decide to train Dusty some more in the ground driving department so he can drive later on. Well, he was doing okay in the beginning, but half way through I swear he lost his mind. Bucking, jumping, turning around and getting all twisted. Woah boy. Took me a good ten minutes to calm him down. Get back to it. He does much better and I decide thats enough for today.

Go inside, lay down on the couch to watch two episodes of "Full House" The hour goes by, I guess I'll watch some movies and such. We have this coffee table infront of our couch. I have a habit of tipping it over. So, Im tipping it over, lose my grip, it falls on it's side BOOM, ON MY FOOT!!!!!

I scream in pain. Start laughing, waddle over to the fridge to get some ice in a plastic baggie. I look in horror as I start losing the pink from under my nail, and it turns blue. I try the ice on it, too cold. So I weeble up stairs on one foot to get a hand towel. I walk into my mom's room to complain, she's on the phone. Waddle back downstairs with my towel, lay on couch, finally stop laughing and start crying in pain.

Ten minutes of bawling my eyes out I go back upstairs, mom is off the phone.

"Mommmmyyyyy, IT HURTS!"

Mom: "What happened?!" -sad look on face-

"Something fell on my toe!"

Mom: "like what"

"The, uhhhhh, coffee table?"

Mom: "AHA! You were tipping the coffee table again weren't you!"


Mom: "DIDN'T YOU!"


Mom: Poor Baby!

So she brings be downstairs, becomes wonderful nurse. I watch some more tv, now in complete pain.

Then comes time to de-worm the cat. Yummeh karib(sp) tasting. I get to hold the cat. Claws everywhere, karib all over me, evil look on cat's face.

Mom asks me to run the horses

Me: "But Im crippled!!"


I get out there, bringing the baby to attract both mother and the other horses (Starlette is being weaned). Starlette is the only one that came. I lock her in the ring, waddle out to get the others, they all run off into one of the far paddocks laughing(I swear I heard it)

Mom comes out to help. Gets the rest of the horses. Let them free longe and they are full of energy, jumping, kicking, flagging their tails. Perfect.

Chantilly doesn't have a halter on, and its time to bring them in for dinner and sleep, Chantilly RUNS past me into our yard, eating the grass on the other side. I sneak up, she bolts to the neighbor's and eats some more. I get the grain, she follows.

Horses are all in... Im now resting my poor foot

The end

EAD Minis

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Jul 23, 2005
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[SIZE=14pt]That is funny!
!Poor you and your foot but that will teach you!


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Apr 19, 2005
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Aww LOL, I have done many things like that before! Hope your toe feels better soon


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Jul 11, 2005
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Green Springs Ohio
Mhhh sounds like your day was about the same as mine! I would say 'well that would teach ya now wouldnt it' ..but then agian i smashed my finger in the car door while i was playing w/ it today so im not going to open my mouth!

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