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Feb 6, 2008
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Hopkinton, Rhode Island
Here is our girl MBF Mid Summers Dream aka Summer. She is a maiden mare and she is at 300 days today. How much longer do you think she will go? Also, do you think her clipping job is good or should we do more? ~Bailey

This is the back view of her:


Side view:


And two shots of her udders:



Please let me know what ya think!
Judging from the udder you may still have a wait. But then again every mare is different. I have never had a mare foal without a bag but I know others have. 300 days would be too early so I would hope she would get closer to 330. But again you just never know!!

IMO i would clip a little more belly and hip hair. I used to just clip that small spot and then we had a foal colic. When she passed it--it was a huge ball of her dams hair. Ever since then I clip much more off the mare
After just going through this, I would say you got at least 2 weeks or more. Her udders aren't full at all. Poor girl is big!
Good luck!

Wanted to add....mine foaled at 371 days today. So don't wait up long at night right now. You may have a long wait!
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I've got two girls at 327 and 321 and they look similar to your gal.. They're taking their sweet time that's for sure and driving me nuts! lol

I too would clip more, I'd go from the top of where you clipped her flank and angle toward her 'armpit' in the front, take all the hair from that line under on both sides so the entire belly is clipped, those babies hunt everywhere along that under line..

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