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  1. KLJcowgirl

    Choosing show halter style

    Hello all, me again. I don't really have anyone around to ask questions about mini showing, so I am using you yet again. I bought my girlie an Arabian style and I'm having second thoughts. I love it and it's so cute on her, but I don't really know if it's appropriate for her look. I'm...
  2. KLJcowgirl

    Setting up for Showmanship & Halter

    Hello again all! So I'm trying to prepare for some open shows I learned about recently, and Miss May is coming together so nicely! She's still kind of a pill, but we're working on that. One thing I am wondering about is how I should be setting her up. All of my show experience is Stock...
  3. Strangeaddiction

    Halters, Harnesses, Show clothes, Oh my!!

    I posted this in the driving section but thought I might get more traffic/opinions here in this section too as it just inst driving related. This season I plan on showing my OWN mini! I am beginning my search for show "tack". Show harness, show halter for performance and possibly halter classes...
  4. J

    Can't make myself….

    Hi all; A couple of months ago, I asked about neck sweating and got lukewarm responses, which I totally understand. You see, I really want to show but I REALLY don't want to put my horses through all the uncomfortable practices that are required. So after I washed my sweats, wrote down the...
  5. J

    How long to wrap/sweat necks?

    For those of you who show, how long do you need to use either wraps or sweats for them to be effective? Any tips would be helpful!
  6. Lori W

    Two bits...?

    I was flipping through the pages of the recent AMHA and AMHR magazines and noticed that the majority of the pictures of animals shown in harness had two bits in their mouth - one attached to the reins (of course) and another smaller ringed bit attached to the check. Currently, I have my check...
  7. Brookwood Farm

    Show Apparel

    Hi, my first show is coming up in mid August. I have a two year old bay mini and I need help deciding with what to wear. We will be doing trail and fitting and showmanship. I have been getting mixed ideas on whether to wear western show clothing or just a nice outfit. The rules are to wear a...
  8. RescueMini

    Ideas for Obstacle Trail

    I'm planning on going to my first AMHR and AMHA shows this spring and summer and I am coming up with a list of obstacles to practice in preparation for Obstacle Trail. I have all of the basics obstacles and maneuvers written down; it's basically all of the stuff I have encountered at the local...
  9. hsrascal

    Help me fit my mini! - How's my feed, exercise etc.?

    Looking to get feedback on getting my 9 month old mini up to par. I've had him about two months and it's been a roller coaster getting him on a consistent program, due to moving barns etc. His current condition - some belly (not sure if it's worms or hay belly, or both), you can feel his...
  10. Lil Timber Buck

    I am looking for a FULL length video of an AMHA show!!! Please help

    So, I sat down with a cup of coffee and the AMHR official rule book this morning and began to read. I read every word from beginning to end and it is very detailed and informative. I "get it" for the most part, but would really like to see it in video form if it is out there. I have googled...
  11. MeganH

    Feeding and preparing yearling for showing

    I have been reading posts on all the different feeds and such everyone uses for their horses. I am wanting to get my yearling in shape to go to some local shows. As a weanling he always had a belly, but after the grass came back in this year and we had him gelded his belly is not quite as...
  12. L

    Advice for showing mare and foal current year AMHR?

    We are wanting to show our current year foals this year for the first time. It is only our second year showing AMHR all together. Any advice for showing such a young one with momma? Thanks!
  13. ssshowhorses

    Show Leads!

    I am wondering where everyone gets thier show leads? I would prefer leather but would be open to others if people really like them. I have some very nice biothane ones right now but I find them very slippery.