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    AMHA lookup

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a way that anyone could look up a horse for me and tell me who is last recorded owner was? My friend bought a horse who is believed to be registered but when she got him he had no papers. We think his name is SRF Thunderbay. She talked to Sawmill River Farm and...
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    What to wear for Classic Pleasure driving?

    Is this for AMHA shows? In the AMHA rulebook it says "ladies to wear a dress, tailored suit, skirt, or slacks with blouse, vest, or jacket.Hats optional. Gloves and aprons or lap robes are optional in all classes. All exhibitors may choose to wear a helmet instead of a hat. "That is on page 107...
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    How To Tell Which Direction To Go...

    First I would get an AMHA rulebook. You can send for one and I believe they are free. There are 3 types of driving besides roadster: classic, country, and single pleasure. In the rulebook (can be found online for free too) it shows a picture of the 3 and explains what each is. Typically you will...
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    amateur regional high point

    I was looking on the AMHA amateur page and noticed that I was on the amateur regional high point list. I'm not sure what this means? It explains that is is an awards program for the one exhibitor and horse combination from each AMHA show. I've never heard of this award and wasn't notified. Is it...
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    trouble running in the round pen....

    you could try a plastic bag at the end of the whip for the noise. or you could fill an empty soda can with pebbles- that noise might be different enough for him to want to move.
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    Getting beautiful little filly in September......Questions???

    Make sure that their owner isn't going to charge you the same amount for both horses. The dwarf should be drastically cheaper than misty. You are doing her a favor by taking her.
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    eastern regionals live stream?

    Hi is there an eastern regionals live stream this year?
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    My First Driving Show!

    I drive a 30.5" mini and he absolutely loves it! I am rather short (5'3ish) so my weight has never been an issue for him, but a 32" mini should be fine for you to drive!!
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    Tire replacements...what kind?

    we went t a bicycle shop for tires
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    Question about mini conformation photos

    I don't understand this either. In the rule books they show acceptable being squared and unacceptable as being parked out yet most horses you see winning are overly stretched out. I'm looking forward to an answer.
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    My Minis- Opinions/Suggestions for a novice please

    I think they both look like they are in great shape! I noticed that with most people who are new to minis they tend to have plumper minis but I think yours look great!
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    show horses mane

    My guys mane isn't bushy and it is thinned out- it's just long. Almost down to his knees. I really don't want to have to shorten it. here is a picture of him in the paddock.. so by no means how he would look in a show!
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    show horses mane

    Do judges tend not to place horses with long manes?
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    I'm going to go with 58!
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    show horses mane

    For show horses is there any penalty against a horse with a really long mane in halter? Most show horses that I see have fairly short manes.