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    Clipping Before and After

    We just clipped Image today (Crosswinds Irish Hawks Image AMHA/AMHR '07 Gelding)! Here is before: Here is after: And finally running and playing after the ordeal was over!
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    My son would be 15 yrs old today.

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    Whinny For Me's First 2009 Foal Is Here!!!

    Oh! She is just too precious!!! I love her little blankies!!! I want a baby! Not much chance since my only mini is a gelding, LOL!! Congratulations!!!!
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    Best manure fork?

    Isn't it funny what we ask for when we own horses? For my 20th wedding anniversary, I asked for clippers! I've got a birthday coming up, too... perhaps I might need a fine tines fork!! I'm not sure what my current mini fork is called but it is for a mini sized person as well as a mini sized...
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    Oklahoma Equine Chiroprators?

    Thanks everyone. I'll start with Dr. Danielson since he has the most recommendations (and is the closest). He returned my call and I have emailed medical records, x-rays and videos to him to look at. He'll do so and call me back. For those who like to look at x-rays...
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    Oklahoma Equine Chiroprators?

    I have never used a chiro for myself or for an animal. What am I likely to be charged for an exam/treatment? Do they ever make barn calls? Anyone know of stories where the horse was written off by vets only to be "cured" by chiro? We had a lot of hope (and $$) invested in this mare. My...
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    Oklahoma Equine Chiroprators?

    A while back there was mention of some equine chiropractors in Oklahoma and I can't recall the post title. My daughter's show mare (full size Paint) suffered a horrible injury 5 months ago and Oklahoma State University says the she will never be sound again. Before I totally give up on this...
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    Photo Edit Please

    The easiest bath she ever had!! Thank you so much!!!! Julie
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    Photo Edit Please

    Could one of you talented photo editors clean the manure stain (on her barrel) off of this beauty (she'd not a mini, hope that is okay)?
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    Boarding mini's

    I board my mini at a facility built for full size horses and my mini can go under and leave the indoor arena, the outdoor arena and the pasture. All three places have the lowest rail too high for my short guy and he can escape from all three places. Thankfully in the indoor arena it is just...
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    Here are our "biggies": This is Sheba, she is a registered paint, but breeding stock only since she is solid (both her babies were black & white overos). She is 10 years old and about 15.1hh. She is the horse my 13 year old rides regularly. This is Lacey, she is a registered paint and is 5...
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    RIP 1982-2008

    {{{{{Hugs}}}}}} I am so sorry about the loss of you special little mare. She was blessed to have lived for so long with one owner. What a beauty she was.
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    We are exactly between 1 & 2. He doesn't turn 2 until late July. What just so hard for me is he is so tiny. If one of our big horses cocks a hind leg or starts to turn a hip toward me I have no second thoughts about popping them one and letting them know in no uncertain terms that that is NOT...
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    Thanks for all the feedback. I'm hoping that this lapse in good behavior on his part is due to the fact that we haven't been working with him as much the last few weeks because of the cold and holidays. The two times he reared he did not have a halter on and my 13 year old daughter was in his...
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    Our little Image (gelding, 18 months old) has just started rearing and has twice reared up at my daughter - thankfully the older, stronger one who mostly deals with her two full size horses, but he could really hurt my youngest daughter with this. The first time he did it he caught her off...