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  1. J

    Equine Dentist

    I have one that comes up out of Florida I will have to see when they are coming next
  2. J

    Belly sweats

    if your hay is too fiborous then it can cause the belly to be big, I personally haven't found a belly sweat useful. Trotting builds the topline, cantering tucks the belly. A lot of trainers feed beet pulp instead of hay during show season, or alfalfa cubes so they don't get too much fiber to...
  3. J

    Need advice about checking to see if colt dropped yet

    If you can't find them, SOMETIMES you can have your vet sedate them, lay them down ( in a nice way is what I mean) and roll them on their backs, this can get them to show themselves lol Karen
  4. J

    GOT MY 100% AT LAST!!!!

    I got mine today Thanks So much
  5. J

    Time to choose a cart

    I have a silver penny wood cart that weighs roughly 100lbs, its nice, extremely comfortable ride and I have used it for all 3 phases, it has held up well with no issues other than its a 1 seater. I also have a moified sulky cart that I have used, however its issue is that its REALLY hard to...
  6. J

    Worried, too fat?? Help/advice needed

    You have to put your hands in all that hair and feel them in the winter, if you can feel ribs then you need to add food/protein if you can't feel them at all then maybe the don't need so much. With minis I have found that some not all need a higher protein than others, to keep down the pot...
  7. J


    I love hearing about other places and the history of them so something from where you are would be fabulous Severely allergic to Coconut I do have 2 kids 7 and 9 NO RED 40 Dye in a lot of candies and such. We love horse related stuff. Nothing Floral scented (allergies) I have 2 barns/farms...
  8. J

    What is the reason for mares aborting??

    I"m in upstate Sc at the NC line, we had a rash of abortions due to the Nitrate levels in the alfalfa hay being too high, they aborted between 8 and 9 months along. It took us months to figure out what was going on. From necropsies to hay testing to soil testing etc that was the only thing out...
  9. J

    Stiff Hindend?

    I have a mare that when her back starts bothering her she walks spraddle legged and stiff, get her back worked on and she is good to go and is an excellent driving horse. In this picture he is standing with his hind legs out behind him, yes he seems a little straight but I think its...
  10. J

    Hire a trainer or train him yourself?!?

    what area are you in, there are a lot of members here and someone may know of someone in you area that doesn't advertise or that it great with driving that might be able to help you. Karen
  11. J

    2013 AMHR Nationals Sept. 5 to 15 ♥ LIVE FEED ♥ Watch here!

    I can tell you how to make the screen size bigger in windows 8 in Chrome, go to the end of the address bar at the top of the page, the 3 lines, to customize and control, Adjust the Zoom to 200-300% and will blow it up so you can see it better. There should be a way to do this in all browsers.
  12. J

    New to horses-- help me understand my mini!

    Let him be next to the wall when you want to pick his feet up, he can't really go anywhere or fall over, make sure you tie him fairly short so he doesn't have a whole lot of room to move. Tell him Whoa, and stand, then brush him, for now just do this tied until you work out the issues. Some...
  13. J

    First time to Nationals--- Where to stay or where NOT to stay

    thats what I was afraid of with that one, reviews were worse than just bed bugs though YUCK
  14. J

    First time to Nationals--- Where to stay or where NOT to stay

    I got a decent deal through hotwire, with flight hotel and car although I picked the tulsa select for the hotel, I changed it after reading the reviews, I hit the wrong button....opps won't do that again... but changed it to the Extended Stay America- Midtown. Its right next to a whole bunch of...
  15. J

    First time to Nationals--- Where to stay or where NOT to stay

    The tulsa select has some really bad recent reviews. I was worried about that one