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    cell phone

    Anyone care to share ideas on where to get the best price on a cell phone? I don't really care if it is new or a good used one. I do want a flip phone with large numbers, a camera, speaker and texting. Thanks for any ideas.
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    need advice

    Does anyone know of a good vet they would recommend to float teeth in North MS area? The vet we use does not have the correct equipment for a mini.
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    beet pulp

    I am trying to put weight on a stud? I will be feeding him twice a day. How much beet pulp should he get. Do I need to give regular feed and beet pulp? Some say to add corn oil, can I add this to beet pulp, if so, how much? Thanks
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    sanding feet

    Just read a topic here where someone said they use their Double K clippers to sand horses feet. Would someone please explain how this is done? thanks
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    anyone like to suggest the best place to buy wormer in bulk? thanks
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    what to use?

    I have a horse that has a tooth abcess. Vet has given shot and a powdered medicine to put on his feed every day. Problem is he is not eating very well. Vet said we can mix in a syringe and give. What is the best thing to mix it with to get it down? Vet also said the only way to remove the tooth...
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    tunica sale

    anyone have the sale price on each horse?
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    tunica sale

    Is there a website with listings and pictures of sale horses? thanks
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    thank you

    Can't thank everyone enough for responding so quickly to my question about my mares that were drooling so much.I had never seen or heard of this happening and was really in a panic. Thankfully all seems to be ok after stalling them overnight. Thanks again to all of you who take the time to share...
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    need advice asap

    Have 2 mares that are drooling constantly and every once in a while seem to vomit some. They are eating fine and drinking ok so do appear to be choked. Appreciate any suggestions or ideas. Cannot get vet to answer. Left message but need suggestions on if I should do anything now. Thanks
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    Do you mind explaining why you feed the diatamacious earth and how much you feed?
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    opinions please

    Would like to hear opinions from people who use the solo comb and where do you buy for the best price. Thanks
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    Would love to hear what tax refund site everyone uses to file online. Ease of use and pros and cons. We just use short form.
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    pvc pipe feeders

    Does anyone use the type feeders made from pvc pipe cut lengthwise? Pros and Cons? Thanks
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    Is there a fee when you file a stallion service report to AMHR? All I can find says 25.00 for late fee after Jan 15.