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    Sweetwaters Miss Liberty

    Maybe AMHA would be willing to contact the people for you and see if they would work with them on your behalf in getting the transfer.
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    Yes- In our case, the vet commented on it and said she felt it was due to the parasite load. The vet described the smell as when a horse has coliced and hadn't eaten anything for awhile. I might add that our little filly had repeated digestive upsets with her worm load. She was a sick girl...
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    At some point one has to trust a vet. To be parasite free is not our goal- the goal is to slow the cycle to keep the parasites at bay. I would hate to have parasites take over here. I would rather be a bit proactive now to help prevent a bigger problem down the road. We don't use daily...
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    We just went through this type of experience with a filly we recently purchased. The filly passed large roundworms PRIOR to even being dewormed. Anyway, Ivermectin was not sufficient, as the horse had encysteds. The Ivermetin probably got the ones that were hatched at the time, but the...
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    My Christmas present!

    Very nice! Congrats!
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    What pre foaling shots do you give your pregnant mares

    We only do the Rhino shots throughout pg. I worry about abortions with too many shots. May I ask, Lori, why do you give a Tetanus Toxoid in addition to the EWT? I believe the EWT includes a Tetanus already.
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    Deb's not the only one who has shopped...*revealed pg2*

    Congrats! Can't wait to see!
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    177 confiscated horses up for auction *UPDATES 11/18 & 11/30 pg 1*

    If they are slated for auction,, how can foster homes be used?
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    Colic/Respiratory Infection/Colitis

    I cannot emphasize enough the importance of treating for ulcers....laying on the back and holding it is absolutely a sign of ulcers! She may or may not even have bleeding ulcers. Has your vet done any blood work lately? Bleeding ulcers will show up in blood work with an elevated BUN. I...
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    Teeth Floating

    Check every year! Every horse is different- we have had yearlings with such sharp points that their tongues were starting to get cut - as well as a 7 yr old that finally needed her teeth done. You just never know unless you check. An ounce of prevention................................
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    What DO you feed?

    Wow- I only pay $27ish for the ProAdvantage plus get a discount when I stock up. Guess I am pretty lucky! You guys could probably order it online from Progressive Company and pay less than you do at the feed store, including the shipping!
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    What DO you feed?

    I also use Progressive or Buckeye products. My mares and stallions are on the Grass Blend Formula Foals and nursing mares are on the Premium Growth Formula. One performance horse is on Performance Feed cuz he needs extra calories than what the Grass Blend would contribute, I add a mix of...
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    Daily Ulcer Preventative?

    HI Jessica- Sorry you are having to deal with ulcers....I know how hard it can be to get them cleared up.... Here is what I can recommend from our experience: Gastro Gard--- a full dose treatment (one notch for each 50# weight of horse) for a full 30 days, then taper off. Two weeks just...
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    Mini with Anemia

    I would consider giving him the two shot round of Excede for his respiratory issues. Sounds to me like he has been fighting off a low grade infection. Excede is the drug of choice for respiratory problems --- VERY effective and will get what many other antibiotics just can't quite clear up...
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    filly with a scabby patch on her back

    We had a stubborn spot on a filly a couple of years ago - sounds much like what you are experiencing. Vet told us to use 10% Providone Iodine- full strength poured directly on the spot- do not wash off- 10 days/once daily.....very effective!