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Jul 5, 2005
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Palmer, AK
Hi Y'all! I'm bug you with more questions!

Would it be ok to train an older horse (in this case, Cherry!) to drive?

Besides obviously going slow & getting her into shape first...are there any other reasons / restrictions an older horse would have that a younger one would not?

Thanks for your time!


Kim / MommaF8
How old is she? I know minis into their 20's that drive and love it! It's a matter of getting them in shape and not doing too much work depending on the age etc.
Not a problem. Just want to watch her and see how she does. Its totally up to the horse. Sometimes older horses are set in their ways, but since she's never been trained, I think all would be just fine. Showing is sometimes stressful on them. So you may only have a few years showing if you push her too hard. But if you keep it fun for her and you, you'll be fine.
Thanks...that's what I thought, but it's always nice to hear it from the experts!

And I will by no means push her! We're learning ourselves & it will ONLY be fun for all concerned!!!

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