YAY! A healthy baby BOY! Redboy & Blue Boy bred

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Bluewater Minis

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May 26, 2007
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Belleville, IL
After some heartbreak over the past month with diagnosing a filly's cataracts and then losing a pinto colt, we're happy to announce the birth of our latest foal -- a handsome pinto colt whom I think will be a silver bay. He is sired by Cross Country Sharp Dressed Man, making him a Lazy N Redboy grandson. His dam is a lovely mare who is a granddaughter of FWF Little Blue Boy (and has two more crosses to him in her third generation) We have tentatively named him Bluewater's Red N Blue Rocket Man. Born at the respectable time of just after 7am on 8/12/2008. He was born taller than our other foals at 21.5", and should mature to a taller A size. But wow! what a pretty head with his lovely white markings!
Oh, did I say that he's already a love bug?!
He was born looking like he was several weeks old! Shown here at just one day old and still unfolding.


Here's his sire, Cross Country Sharp Dressed Man:


And his dam, Mythical Farms Blue Dawn:


Rocket is supposedly available for purchase either with or without his dam, but I'm already getting attached to him!!! His dam is one of my favorite mares, and we purchased her specifically to cross on Topper -- now that we have seen the first foal from this cross, hmmmm, I should keep her and hope for a filly too! (muttering..."I can't keep them all...I can't keep them all... I CAN'T keep them all..." How many times do I need to say that to believe it??????)
I have to agree...with parents like that....how could you go wrong!! But then you know how I feel about the lil boogers parents!!

Any of them could have a spot in our barn!!

Lisa, I cant believe you are getting colts from Topper,when he has had so many fillies before (80% Fiollies), he is handsme boy, love his markings,

Tell Topper, his old mom says good boy! JANE
Thanks everyone! I had to go play with my new baby Rocket again after posting his photos, and each time I mess with him I'm even more in love.
His sire is more aloof, but his dam is a love bug, and Rocket looks to take after that part of her temperment -- BUT he really is a little rocket though and bucking around. He's going to be getting into all kinds of mischief.

Jane, I'll give Topper a hug for you. I thought it was really something too that we had another Topper COLT, since he had previously thrown so many fillies. But more colts like Bond (wild black pinto) and now Rocket, are fine with me (especially since we had fillies from Peppy and Cowboy). Funny thing is that Rocket's color pattern looks alot like our only Topper filly this year. I'll show them both below:

Here's Rocket:


And Firefly:


When Firefly was born, you could see the silver in her mane & tail, but they have faded since. Her legs are now shedding off silver (with, of course, her white socks). I haven't had the heart to clip her since our weather took a sudden turn for cooler temps, but I may clip just to see what's underneath...silver bay or silver dapple.

For Rocket, there is waaaay more silver in his mane & tail (mixed with white). He's got such a long foal coat that I may have to clip him too to peek at what's under.
CONGRATULATIONS LISA!!!!!! It looks like "Rocket" fits him to a tee
Very handsome guy!!!

Your newest little guy is adorable and so are the rest of your babies!
OOH LA LA!!! What a handsome boy!!!

I love both his parents too!


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