Wow – Our 2nd Foal for 2008 Yippee!!

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May 21, 2007
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Central Texas
We have been super-busy, lately... and it has not stopped, yet.

On Saturday morning we had our 2nd foal for the year….. a beautiful colt!!

Everything was perfect. We are very pleased. He’s a big guy, with long legs.

His sire is Kings Thundercloud …. we have named him Majesty’s Storm.

(So we now have 1 filly, and 1 colt, and 1 to go.)

Then on Sunday we took our 7 month colt, Dusty, to his new home.

(It was with mixed emotions.)

We are so very glad, as he is going to a great home. Dusty will get more love and attention than any horse could ever hope for. Rachael - his new owner, is a dynamite girl with such a great attitude & outlook….. and unfortunately several medical problems. She is dependant on a wheelchair. But I tell you, nothing can slow her down.

We gave Dusty to her when he was born…… and yesterday was the day to take him to his new home. I am so glad we are giving him to her. It is wonderful for both of them…. but a little sad, knowing we sure are going to miss him. (He is our very first mini to ever leave us.

And, call it a coincident…. But Stormy looks sooooo very much like Dusty (when he was born).

It’s almost like we have a 2nd Dusty (LOL

So… to make a long story short…..

Here is Stormy, shortly after he was born


And here is Dusty, ready to go to his new home.

It's a wonderful thing you're doing, and I'm so happy Dusty is finally ready to go and fulfill his destiny with his new owner. I'm sure you'll be getting a lot of very gratifying updates on their exploits together. And Stormy is a handsome boy too! Congratulations on your second healthy foal of the year!
What a sweet baby boy! Congratulations!

And congrats to Dusty's new owner
You did have a handsome colt Becky! Looks like he already has an attitude.
We missed you on Saturday, but I can see that you had your hands full LOL.


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