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Oct 31, 2004
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Auckland New Zealand
Hi guys

I just noticed the other day (two days ago) that my gelding disco had diorehha(sp) It wasnt too bad but it was way worse today- no shape to it at all. He seems to be looking ok but when i went out to feed this morning he had left half the feed from last night in his bucket. Mum is happy to call the vet but wanted me to check on here first to see if you think it is necesary or if I just worry too much....
Oi, Missy, what time of the day do you call this to be swanning around the Forum??? And at your age, too, go to bed!!! As for Disco, the Vet will be able to do little with this few indications- I would advise you to keep a diary on him for three days, offer him less food, without radical changes- what is he getting?? It could be teeth, how old is he?? It could just be general "grumps" (unspecified off-colouredness!!) What's the weather like?? How are you feeling?? Horses get all the minor depressions that we get. Try not to worry but keep a good eye on him- to do which you need your sleep!!!!!
Hi Helen,

First the simple stuff - have you changed his diet or anything like that over the last few days, he looked bright as a button on Sunday!!.

Next thing I'd do is take his temp and check his vitals (heart rate, respiration, hydration and gums). record them.. Monitor him if they are pretty close to normal or normal consistantly I'd feel a bit more at ease and maybe try and get some diamond V into him to try and get the bacteria levels right in his stomach again and space the vitals etc out a bit more, you don't want to become a pain in the butt to him if he's feeling off colour. If vitals are not normal call a vet. If they spike call a vet and tell them what the temp and vitals have done.. Its very helpful info.. I do not like things like this and usually I'd much rather call a vet myself even if just to discuss symptoms, treatment etc after loosing one to colic that did not show many signs and considered a good strong candidate for surgery we are probably over cautious... Good luck... and I hope Disco feels a bit better soon..
Lol fizzy Im WORRIED!!! Thats why im up and about! Sounds like good advice. He is exactly the same this morning.... Victoria, havent changed anything at all. Just had teeth done and just turned four.
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Hi Helen.

We had our 4yo gelding's teeth done just recently too.

He had exactly the same symptoms as Disco - not eating because he was very sore in the mouth and diarrohea because of stress. (His time with the dentist was extremely stressful for him...

I found giving him warm water to drink helped and turning his feed into a mash also was easier on him. We gave Diamond V to soothe his tum too.

I watched him very carefully for signs of colic from stress and dehydration from not drinking much.

How ARE his vitals???? That should be the indicator of whether or not the vet should be called.

Watch for dehydration, be prepared to give him electrolytes if necessary. Probios paste may also help.

Well, for me if a horse is off its feed and having diarrhea, I would be on the phone to the vet ASAP. I would have taken the temp, resp, and heart rate, to discuss.

Not something to fool around or wait on, in my opinion.

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