Wooohoo they are home :)

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Wanted to let everyone know they are here and safe and sound. We had a ball letting them lose and taking the halters off. The bay mare was prancing all over and holding flagging her tail. I am on cloud 9!! I was off on some of the ages the bigger pinto mare is 17, her daughter is 14 and her daughter is 11. The black and white pinto stallion we think is 3 and we think the other pinto stallion is 7. I do think all three mares are bred and I think the pinto mare is going to foal in the next month. Im just sooo happy can you tell?? My husband even managed to behave himself and not say anything but it helped that the male owner was not home. Youve never seen anyone load 5 horses and get out so quick. They still had no water. I guess at some point during the day someone gives them water or they wouldnt be alive but it amazes me that they never coliced especially with the heat we have had. Ill try to get pics but it will be a few days. My dog had pups last night so ive been up since 230 am. Im so excited now though I dont feel as tired LOL.

We have enough halters etc but thank you to the person that offerred.

The little black pinto has a cut on his jaw where the halter started growing in but I think with some tlc it will be fine. He is so darn cute and sweet!! Hes going to be an awesome little gelding and is very small. I estimate about 29 inches.
[SIZE=21pt]Come on KK [/SIZE]

I'm so happy to hear that you got them!How wonderful that these sweet horses will have a chance for happiness!

I'm so very sorry I didn't come on line last night, or today during the day to respond to this. By the time we finally got home last night, and finished up chores we were just too exhausted both physically, and emotionally. Today we had to do double time to get all the stuff done we needed to get done so we could have time to get up to Kay's with the trailer and help pick up these wonderful little horses that deserve so much better than they had gotten from life.

Kay's written picture of what was going on is spot on acurate unfortunately. It was so disheartening to see those sweet little horses tied up alone (they couldn't see each other they were kept as seperate as possible), with no shade, no water, nothing to eat but weeds (some VERY posionous ones. One little bay mare was surrounded by pokeberries, the one little pinto stallion in a field of posion ivy, and others in weeds I'd never seen before).

Unfortunately I didn't come online today and get Kay's pm asking me to bring our camera tonight so we could take pictures of the animals once we got them to her house. I'm very sorry, and with all that was going on, we didn't think to bring it since Kay talked Bob down from his determination to get a picture of what they were in at that place.

As for that family that had them, there's no way they would ever be convinced they were being inhumane. Sadly, I truly believe that man believed every single word he spit out of his mouth. As we were walking to the trucks to leave, the wife said (her husband wasn't home when we got there to pick up the horses), that her husband was sure going to be sad that all the horses were gone. On the way home, Bob said, yeah, he's going to miss his weed-eaters. That's all.

The one bright point of the day was when we got them back to Kay's place and turned the mares loose in her back field, finally loose of halters and ropes, and able to run with the joy of freedom. It was a beautiful sight to behold.
Watching them run free at last must have been an awesome site. Can't wait for pictures of them all.
Oh, I am so glad you finally got them out of there. I just read about this story tonight (with the new baby I haven't been on much lately). I hope they all find good homes soon. And please get pictures asap
That is great news! How happy they must be. I bet they think they have died and gone to heaven. Cannot wait to see pics.
How wonderful to be able to free them from the prisons they were in. They will be eternally grateful to you. I pray that they will all fully recover and be able to find forever homes. Bless CMHR and it's members for making this possible.

You paint a wonderful picture with words. I'm willing to bet all of your places in heaven are set for all the good you do. Congratulations to all, especially the darling horses.
Hooray!!! That must have been awesome to see them finally free!!! You have a wonderful heart for what you've done - I admire your composure and ability to work through this situation.
YAY that is super!!!
I bet they were so happy to have those halters off and run around! LoL Can't wait for pictures!!! They sure sound cute

pics this weekend i promise! Im working overtime right now so its very hectic. But rest assured all horses were loved on and petted. Now if I can just get the thousands of burrs out
My heart jumps for joy when I read such good news.

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