Winter Duldroms - Would this be fun?

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Nov 30, 2002
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Are people sick of this or should we all do this again. I think the rescue can use money. I know that I can easily find a couple of things to donate to the Chances Rescue, the auction they have set up. I know these items would be very much appreciated by someone and I would be willing to pay the shipping. Maybe this would pass time, we are all getting a little anxious, just thinking that in another month, our babies will be coming and our time on the computer will be limited. But for now, I'm sure with it still being winter, we are in the house more and now may be the time to try to build the rescues fund? Just think, if everyone on here could just find ONE item, what fun that would be to go to the auction and look at all the cool things, the different things, that would be listed. I think it'd be a fun thing to do, anyone else?
Its a fabulous idea!!! Remember they do not have to be horse related!!! It can be anything someone else might want. im trying to get my next batch of stuff ready---digging thru the closest and paint studio

thank you thank you

and a reminder email cathyjo with them at [email protected]
Great idea Marnie

I've already donated all the duplicates of my collection, but maybe I can part with a couple more from a different collection. You see, up till I found the minis, I collected things, Rinconada, Llamas (glass), etc. Well, now that I'm a mini Holic, all I'm collecting is MINIS!! Don't have the time or more important, the money.

So, I'll be happy to go through them again.

I don't know how to post pictures, if I email them to Cathy Jo, will she put them on for me? I'd pay shipping, of course and get them sent out to the winning bidder. I'm not sure theres much interest as I just checked the main board and no one has responded. But can you imagine how fun it would be to have 50 or 60 different items, all different types of things, to look at and to choose from. I'm just sure that most people have unwanted things lieing around, it'd be like a big rummage sale. Hopefully, some people will want to join in. I still havent' sold my gelding, Pirate, of which half goes to the rescue. I have had interested people but no one wants to pay for shipping, some day he'll find a nice home though. I hope we get more interest on the rescue here. I need more items to look at and bid on!!!!!!
I'm bad at selling stuff but I sure am good at buying it. I have a few of Ginny's statues-very very nice. C'mon Ginny I'll be waiting for your statues.
I think it's a great idea.......I need to officially JOIN. I've just donated during the wild $3 money drive, but I can dig and find something (got something in mind) to put up for auction.

I think it's a GREAT idea!!! I really enjoy watching the rescue auction and donating! Back to the attic I go...and tomorrow I'll check out the barn again! Did I miss the post on the main auction...I did'nt see it. See if we can drum up some supporters!

Edited to add:

Yes Marnie all I do is send everything, a pic of my item, a description cathyjo and she will set it up...very easy!
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