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Aug 24, 2003
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Hi all-

My husband Dave and I are going to be looking arond Cleveland, TN for property in a couple of weeks. We're thinking real strong about making a move from here in Parrish, FL to TN. We'll be staying with Tam and Dan in Sweetwater while in TN. I can't wait - we have some info coming from a realtor in the area.

Guess what I want to know is anything you can tell me about the area - especially climate. I'm a native Floridian you know. Mini farms in the area???

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hey Barbie, We have a forum member named Misty that lives over the mountain in Cleveland. She goes here by TN Belle. She's a hoot and has a gelding named Twix that she is now driving in the R shows.

Cleveland is good old town. It's nice over yonder. The climate is the same there as Tam's and mine. It does get cold, we have snow but not usually any kind of accumulations. The most I've ever had up here on the mountain was less than 1 foot.

Sheryl from Irish Springs is moving to Cookeville soon too.

As far as I am concerend the best area in this state is the Winchester/Manchester area. It's close to the shows, has a fabulous state of the art hospital that my vet owns, plenty of work and opportunitys, colleges, big mother lake to play in, shopping, and tons of stuff to do over there. It's a very clean area. Very progressive area, but still maintains Tennessee charm.

Jerry has been working on a newly developed mountain area out of Dunlap called Fredonia. Talk about gorgeous farms and homes going up there like crazy, wow. The homes being built are simply incredible and the land prices are great. All being sold to out of staters. I see so many horse trailers go up there with out of state license tags.

Please grab Tam and the two of you guys head over to my neck of the woods for a visit please while you are here! I'll make food. We can totally eat.
Well ..we are a bit out the way (200 miles) ..But you very welcome to come and visit!!
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Barbie I was thinking that you would not like the small town atmosphere but then I forgot about how tiny Parrish is.

So just maybe you won't mind some of these little towns that Tennessee has to offer. The only thing you have to be careful of though is to have easy access to places, something that I don't have living up here. It's usually a day trip for me to go to Walmart.
Can't wait for our trip to TN - just got a notice that they are doing a development on 628 acres behind us. Our property is deep, but we'll still be able to see the new homes and villas. Time to move. Marty - Parrish is really growing house wise - hundreds of homes in new developments. If we decide to move to TN, we'll definitely hold on to our 12 acres in Babson Park south of Lake Wales - just in case. Just wish it was Septemebr 20th so we could leave - got to hope for NO tropical depressions, etc. as I can't leave if anything is threatening. Heading north soon - God willing.

You will love East Tennessee..I'm partial to the Knoxville area of course and wouldn't live anywhere else...I especially feel so safe here after Katrina....Sorry Christine but I like East Tennessee better than Middle or West...still lots of tornados over your way..I grew up in Memphis and Little Rock Arkansas....those funnel clouds are real scarry..
[SIZE=14pt]Hi Barbie,[/SIZE]

I'm with Judy, East Tennessee a beautiful place! You've been to our place here in the mountains, so that well give you a little something to compare Middle and West Tennessee to!

wwminis said:
[SIZE=14pt]Hi Barbie,[/SIZE]I'm with Judy, East Tennessee a beautiful place! You've been to our place here in the mountains, so that well give you a little something to compare Middle and West Tennessee to! 



Hi Barb,

We are just outside of Chattanooga in the Southeast part of the state. We have the beauty of the moutains and the convenience of being in the middle of Atlanta and Nashville which gives you lots of options for shopping and entertainment in addition to all the things our own town has to offer. We are 30 miles from Cleveland connected by interstate 75 so it's a 20 minute drive. Bradley county is beutiful with lots of farmland. There is a huge horse store there as well as Tractor Supply, Co_op, and a great vet clinic. There is a horse expo center there and lots of horsey people. It has to be a sweet place cause it's where M and M's are made. Welcome to Tennessee!

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