Which gelding is bigger?

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Sep 4, 2003
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Muncie, Indiana
Sam just came home, he is on the left. THE sweetest one little horse you would ever want to meet and he is as good as gold. Let him out to meet the others today for a few minutes, and surely not to my surprise Jack had to investigate each and every inch of Sam. Jack is on the right.

Sam came from Getitias, Jack from Belindas.

I am a little up hill in the picture, so there is more difference than you see.

Sam is soooo much shorter, and his body is soooooooo much shorter. I'd call them Pete and Repete, as where one is so is the other, but they look more like King Kong and Faye. Jack of course being King Kong.

Oh, there is almost a 7 inch difference in height, in body length it's feet and only a 10 month difference in age.

I can already tell, they are going to be a wonderful odd couple.

Thanks for letting me share!

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