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Mar 24, 2006
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Fruitvale B.C. (Canada)
Just when I thought we were in a safe area, it has happened again---only this time closer.

There's a forest fire behind us on the mountain, and it looks like this time the wind is blowing it right at us. I noticed smoke in the air yesterday and saw water bombers and helicopters flying around. I just hope and pray that it is under control soon though. All the stress of last year is coming right back like a bad nightmare.

On top of it all, there is a 60% chance of thunderstorms later this afternoon. It is crispy dry here right now, and doesn't look like we have a significant amount of rain in the forecast anytime soon. Hubby and I are going to take a drive later and see if we can get some pictures of it, and see exactly where it is.

Here's a huge album I put together last year of the forest fire that threatened to burn us out of our home, and choked us with thick smoke.

Forest Fire Pics And Video

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Fires are an extremely frightening thing. My heart goes out to you, and I pray that this fire's put out quickly.
Fires can be so scary. I'm praying this one gets put out soon or at least goes a different direction from you.
Please keep us posted.........I know what you must be feeling. We live close to national forests and state parks and every year we have fires. Take care!
Kootenay, I hope you get some of the much needed rain those clouds are supposed to be carrying. I've had the experience of a fire that started less than a half mile from my house and barns and I sure know how scary it is. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts until the danger is past.

Have you got a plan in place if you have to move your horses?
Okay,,here is an update:

Clouds are moving in, wind is picking up, and it's darkening up quite quickly out there. I am trying to keep an eye on the fire--(smoke) from here, but can't see much. I've heard a helicopter and a water bomber go over. Also checked This Link for the Pend Oreille fire--(yes same area as last year), and from what I can tell it's still burning.

My neighbor has a three horse slant load trailer, so i'll be able to take my two horses to safety if need be. Only problem I can see with that is I don't think my quarter horse mare Honey has ever been on a trailer. I know for a fact that Buddy can fit in the back of our SUV if need be--(but I don't recommend it).

I'll update more as I hear/see. So far our radio station has only been announcing the fire on air and not on the website itself.

We'll see.

Thanks everyone for all good thoughts/wishes/prayers.

Here is a picture looking towards my neck of the woods--(yeppers--that is rain falling--although not sure for how long that will last). The thunderstorm has hit here now.

Sending all the best that your brave firefighters get it under control and that you don't have to evacuate and that overall loss in minimal.

We've had to evacuate twice (Oct 2007 & Oct 2003) due to fires on the mountain and it stinks.

Luckily tho both times we've had a home to go back to.
Update time,

The storm has passed now, and am not sure how many new fires have started because of it. The one behind us here seems to be keeping the firefighters busy. There is a huge water bomber--(or 2), and a spotter plane circling. I did get pictures--right from my back yard. The smoke is starting to settle in a bluish tinge in the air. So far it seems okay, and we're keeping a close eye on it. Will probably go out and check it out from a better vantage point tomorrow.

On with the pictures:--(Excuse the small size of them--I did circle the planes in red. That water bomber was HUGE though--impressive!).

Spotter Plane:


Water Bomber:


Spotter Plane with hubby in the foreground :


Spotter Plane:


Water Bomber:


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