Where do I put the Mothers-to-be?

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Jan 19, 2005
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Owen Sound, Ontario
Our Jennies are finally pregnant - we have our fingers and toes crossed. My Jack and the two Jennies have been together all the time. They are bonded at the hips (you can say). My dumb question is - Do I keep them together - (Jennies to foal in the spring) OR do I seperate them into individual pens when the Jennies due dates get closer and watch the Jack go out of his mind because he is by himself.

What have others done? Our input would be much appreciated!
I haven't ever had baby donkeys at my place but the farm where I got my jack never kept the jennies in with the jacks when foaling. They always brought them up into foaling barns.

I've heard that jacks can take offense to this newcomer coming into HIS territory but I don't know that for a fact........but why chance it.

Maybe you could put him up close so he could see his girls but not be with them.
I wouldnt chance it either, keeping the jack and jennys in the same area. We separate ours. I have been told some jacks will stomp on "babies" (and some seem to get along) but I sure wouldnt want to take the chance of having it happen! Like minimule said...keep them close enough so they can see and talk to each other.

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