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Nov 27, 2009
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Cameron, NC
So... I told my family, my hubby and MYSELF that we wouldn't be breeding any mares in 2014. We were "over-ponied" and had had some health issues (both hubby and I), had some other family issues we helped w/ financially (therefore less $$ available to support more ponies) and both of us were suddenly working more hours w/ less family help to care for our ponies. I kept my promise - SORT OF.

I moved ponies around to accommodate free feeding 2x daily the boys - who needed more protein. BUT doing so in the pasture they were in was difficult w/ my early morning leave times. We worked it out - the boys' pasture stayed empty and the grass went crazy. Good thing - I moved the Sr mares over to partake of the green-ness. THEY LOVED IT - Of course! BUT Wizard - in his stud pen w/i the pasture was quite put out. I'd been working around the area and was keeping an eye on everyone - no one appeared to be in season and the girls were leaving Wizzy alone (no teasing). UNTIL I went into the house to eat lunch.

I'm just about to head back out ... and hear a squeal - oh no. Should have guessed. Sneaky mares - all of them decide to tease Wizzy about the same time (from what I figured). Together, they "ripped out" 2 of his panels on his fence (the 16' ones that are 50" tall. Had t-posts every 8'). So he's out "enjoying" the session w/ the girls - and as I'm catching each of them (none was quite willing to be caught - they were all enjoying the squealing visits w/ Wiz) one by one, they are all suddenly squatting and showing and dragging along not leading (darn mares...). After fixing the mess, I thought I kept pretty good notes. Well - I have the date and think I had the 7 Sr mares in the pasture. Nothing else remains of my notes - written or on computer.

So the day in question - July 12th, 2014. The mares I know I put in that pasture that day - Bell, Bit, Cheri, Koalah, Tory. THINK I also had K-La and 'Clipse in the pasture as well. I know that ALL of them came back into season in August and THINK that Bell, Koalah & Tory came back in - both in Sept & Oct. November - I DID observe all of the mares (again) showing signs of season while in our temporary quarters during the "middle" of our move...

NOW - not so sure...

Here's pics of Koalah and Tory. Koalah had Bunny & Tory had Echo in 2013. They are both being retained for training to drive, showing and future breeding ponies... Even if gelded, Echo has a permanent home with us - he is the last foal by our first stallion and his name of Echo is because he is a "true" echo of his sire in so many ways.

Both of these mares are a little under weight - I was expecting that with our move and I'm not unhappy with it. They are now being fed 1x daily and working on a plan to go back to feeding at least 2x (possibly 3?). May go back to feeding free choice alfalfa pellets or cubes - don't know yet.

Koalah (1998 Shetland mare). She's produced one gelding (bred when purchased) and 3 fillies for us. All carry silver and are black based - she is homozygous for black, single gened for silver and tobiano. She is one of my driving mares, has been a riding lesson pony. Our youngest granddaughter enjoyed sitting on her during our temp qtr stay - has requested to start riding her rather than the pony we were going to have her ride. She is 43" at the withers and pretty broad - but matches well with 40" Bit for driving.



and this is more what caused me to stop and go "hmmm..."


No udder or vulva pics yet... I talked to the vet the other day about some options and I decided that we are far enough along that we aren't going to actually palpate or US. I'd rather use the $$ to pay for other things when she comes out (removing two sets of wolf teeth and extra floats). I did purchase Mare + last night and today the girls started receiving it in their feed. IF they don't foal in June, I can stop the supplement w/o any harm done, yet they will have gotten a necessary boost of minerals/vitamins if they are pregnant.

This pic was taken in Dec BUT i'm off center and when standing directly behind her - her sides are actually even (she was OVERWEIGHT at that time)...


Tory next post.
Tory - 2002 Shetland mare. She had had 3 foals before I purchased her and was pregnant with Oly when she arrived in NC from the West Coast. (Oly is the sire of Eclipse's foal for Vicki). She had Echo in 2013 by our first stallion AJ. She has produced chestnut, bay and black - all pintos. She is a single gened tobiano and does not carry bay agouti. She is 40" tall at the withers.

Tory is one of my "wild child" girls. She's both had a lot of concentrated work and then goes long periods where she gets none because she gets more tight, tense and UPSET the longer you work with her both in single sessions AND in groupings of time (the more days in a row - the more upset she gets, too). She's been a new case for me and upsetting/tough to work with. My farrier refuses to do her hooves anymore and it's now been almost 3 full years since she's had a complete trim all the way around (I've trimmed her front hooves myself). I purchased some gel tranquilizer from a previous vet but due to our move have not been able to use it yet - to see if that helps me work with her. We have been able to do worming, vaccinations and coggins on her w/o too many problems. This summer, she will be "tied" to her pasture partner while driving and may get introduced to harness - we'll see what happens and how it goes. She calls for and watches Koalah anytime Koalah is taken out of the pasture - maybe working her next to her buddy will work?

Here's her pics..



and like Koalah - the one that made me stop and go "hmmm..."...


I will take some more shots of them this weekend. I may start doing udder and vulva shots, but maybe not, since it's a bit far out yet... Both Koalah and Tory keep a little bit of a "bag" anyway since they've both had multiple pregnancies.

Up under these trees at the new property (OR maybe from the temporary qtrs?), the girls have been rubbing. The day after these pics taken - discovered that both Koalah and Bell had lice. So right now they are ALL being treated (same pasture) and just got wormed with Ivermectin as well (normally just do double dose of Strongid in March). 2nd treatment will be on either Tues or Thurs next week (depends on work schedule - due on Wed but that is my Bday and sorry girls, not doing it that day!!).

Here are her pics from the day before she had Echo on April 10th 2013. 1st pic taken several hours before the side views taken...



and here are pics of the "baby daddy"... We have all intentions of using him as a breeding stallion and I'd planned on breeding for a couple of foals in 2016 (covering several mares this spring). BUT it seems that that "wayward visit" of his own got us started and we shall see what happens next...

Wizard was a bit of a surprise purchase. BUT I was in love with his two 1/2 sisters that I already owned and don't know why his breeder sent me his pics. BUT between those pics and his name and ??, I fell head over heels in LOVE with this guy. The price was right - so I purchased him sight unseen based on those pics and the girls I had. I had him shipped to a trainer I had never met - but had spoken with on the phone and seemed to have similar insights into horses that I have. We would all meet about a month later...

Wizard was shown in 2012 and 2013. He's just a bit short of his HOF in Foundation Halter. I was hoping to get him back out and complete that HOF, but right now that isn't looking so good. Doesn't matter so much anymore - I like our boy w/o the show qualification(s).

Wizard is a middle of the road build, Foundation Shetland. He was officially measured at 39.5" and I got him on my "stick" at 39" the last time measured last year. He's homozygous for both the bay agouti and tobiano but heterozygous for black. Every chestnut foal he sires will carry a bay agouti that could be passed on to their foals. He is 4 this year and I MIGHT get him started in harness (hadn't yet!).

Koalah's foal will be either bay tobiano or silver bay tobiano by him. Tory's foal could be chestnut or bay - will be tobiano. Either of these foals could be homozygous for tobiano.

His baby pic that made my heart go "pitter-patter". Pic provided by Buckeye WCF...


Here are some of his show pics as a yearling.



and his 2 yr old year of showing -


and at home as a 3 yr old



I don't really have any pics of him in 2015 yet...
Lovely Paula
between the mares and daddy these foals are going to be awesome

Very excited for you, even if I am on the other side of the planet.

Will be watching along with everyone on here
Thanks Ryan! I'm excited, too. I love the babies and was kinda disappointed last year when I didn't purposely breed any mares. However, I did have good reasons for not doing so, and was quite happy when each of the mares that I believe were exposed came into heat - not just once but a couple of times...

Obviously, that isn't the best way of determining pregnancy, LOL

Koalah has had two of her daughters shown - one before we purchased Koalah & the other is OURS!! One or both of her two sons before I purchased her were supposed to be shown - but I haven't seen any evidence of that on ASPC/AMHR records... Our filly, Flashi, will be 4 next week and she did GREAT out on the show circuit.

This is Koalah's silver bay tobiano daughter shown on the West Coast of the USA...


Here is a pic of our Flashi - when she was being shown in 2013 as a 2 yr old


So Koalah has had 4 fillies and 3 colts, so far. We own 3 of her fillies and one colt (gelding). Her other 2 sons are in California and Utah (unless they've been sold out of state). Koalah herself is a well traveled pony!! She was born in IA, traveled to TX, then to CA & on to UT and finally back thru IA to us here in NC. I briefly considered selling her to a woman in Florida, but she stayed with us and I don't plan on parting with her at this time...

Here's Shamrock (2012 filly) -


Bunny (2013 filly) -


Ranger - her 2010 gelding - (her only solid colored foal - think he's smokey silver black)


Her 2005 son in CA (1st foal) -


Her 2009 son (in UT) - the palomino on the other side of the fence is the sire of Ranger (our gelding)...


It will be interesting to see how this foal turns out...
And here is Tory's foals -

2007 filly that I don't have pics of. chestnut medicine hat.

2008 chestnut medicine hat colt -


2009 bay tobiano colt


2010 black tobiano colt


2011 bay tobiano colt (Oly)


2013 black tobiano colt (Echo)


I think the two medicine hats were by the same stallion (not sure anymore - that is on our website that I can't access at the moment). The next 3 - 2009, 10 & 11 colts are all by the same stallion. Then Echo is by our first Shetland stallion, AJ. And this one is by Wizard.
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Very lovely group!!! And the sire is drop dead gorgeous!! I'm gonna have to come back and take a longer look.
Wow wizard is beautiful!!!! I can see why you fell in love!!!! You are going to have some very pretty foals!!! Summer also did as you mare and came in "heat" a few time after she was with the stud. You never know about these silly girls!
Very nice group Paula. Still want to come and visit someday.
So, due to circumstances I didn't make it out to Vicki's over the weekend and Eclipse is holding fine (so far)...

I did take pics of our mares - Koalah and Tory and they have made some changes (foals moved) - which tells me they are def pregnant. May have a couple others to post about later...

Koalah -




and Tory -




I am actually pretty excited. Finally mentioned it to Larry yesterday. He wasn't thrilled, as I expected. But we'll deal (& I think he'll be a little more excited in future, too. He usually likes "playing" w/ the foals).
I need to go back and re-do some pics from 2013. Those last pics of Tory **the day before she foaled** were not 245 but were 345 days. She was only covered once (like this time) in 2012 - the month before we euthanized the stallions she was bred to.
so here is the next possible pair. These 2 mares WERE in a different pasture. W/O my notes, I cant remember if i put them on grass w/ the others or not. If I did, when I moved the other mares back to their pasture, these 2 returned to the one they'd been in (not the same one as the other mares). I cant decide if they are pregnant either. They have both had multiple foals but don't stay "baby looking" after. Plus it's been a while since they've each had foals.

K-La (barn name) is a registered 1998 Shetland mare but I didn't catch that she appears to have several owners w/ no actual transfers. Right now, I can't get her papers in our names, so anymore foals will be grade/unregistered. She's a NICE, substantial, larger mare and I'm looking forward to training her to drive. I am also looking forward to her foals and hope to get a few <more>from her. I'd love to have a "matched" pair (colors could be all over the board) sired by our black Tobiano colt. IF she comes back into season - she will be bred to him later this spring/summer - but I haven't seen her "in" since January... I don't know how she carries her foals when she's pregnant. So we watch...



Not sure if that's winter hair or a "baby bump" on her right side.


And here is '"Clipse", a 2003 Shetland mare. We've owned her just a month shorter than "K-La". She is the dam of "Cheri" - the mare that produced "DanD" - the gelding now owned by Julie of Dragon's Wish Farm (and still boarded with us). "'Clipse" has produced several other foals that have done well and been sold (before we purchased her). She is also a 1/2 sister to "Wizard" - by the same stallion. I would have preferred that she not be bred to "Wizard", but should she be, we will see how our foal turns out. Like "K-la", she is a larger, more substantial mare - with a very pretty neck & head. That perfect combo of petite/pretty with "brawn" (or substance, LOL). I purchased a size 15" collar for her for driving this summer (K-La got a 16") - and she will make a pretty pair with "K-La" (her pasture buddy) & a 3 abreast with her daughter - "Cheri".

I'm showing 2 pics of the same side. I didn't get a rear shot of her - she was dancing too much (rather reactive after being corrected for pawing/digging her hole). Her belly seems a little dropped between the two - but not sure. I figured we'd use the pics as a "baseline" and go from there. She was standing a bit stretched and hadn't been groomed yet...




Will be getting more pics this weekend - between rain bands. Supposed to be clear tomorrow and the vet will be out to do more coggins and at least one teeth float and remove a pair of wolf teeth - the first time in 18 yrs of owning Shetlands that I've had a 2 yr old with TWO wolf teeth (his dam had one removed at 8 yrs of age and his sire also had one removed when he was much older)...

It's raining today... I should be doing housework (like more unpacking...). But I'm playing instead!
So colors - all of these babies will be pinto (Wizard is homozygous for Tobiano).

K-La's foal could be bay or chestnut.

'Clipse's foal - not sure since I haven't had her color tested yet. Her daughter is homozygous black, but Clipse could still carry a red gene. We'll see. Will be pulling hair this week and having her tested along with several of our youngsters.

Tory's foal can be either chestnut or bay.

Koalah's foal will be bay or silver bay.


Then there are Bell and Bit.

Bell has been tested - she's heterozygous for black and homozygous for silver. So her foal, if she is pregnant, will be silver bay or chestnut carrying both silver and bay genes. (Bred to Wizard - all foals will carry a bay gene and also a silver gene. On black base - the foal will always be silver bay. Otherwise, would be chestnut w/ no silver showing).

Bell has been a bit off since having her teeth done. Normally, they have their teeth done and they gain weight, but she's lost weight. Slowly gaining now... She was also in the pasture, she was in season, too. She also showed being in heat since July 12th AND has been back in heat in February. Didn't see her come in in March nor so far this month, so????



Here's what she looked like on 7 Feb 2012 - and she foaled a nice sized filly on 29 March (51 days later?). Yes, if Bell is in foal - this will be the first time that she hasn't been worked thru-out her pregnancy.


I thought we'd had Bit tested for color, seems we haven't. Believe she is also homozygous silver. If so, her foal would be the same.

Bit is more round than Bell, but that's partially because of the way she is built. Honestly, after several miscarriages and then an aborted colt just 6 weeks before she was due, I really HOPE that she IS NOT in foal.



and while she is now officially blind, her eye looks pretty good when it is cleaned up. It's draining a lot right now w/ all the pollen flying... Need to wash and het her flymask back on - but in Dec it didn't seem to help much...


I have one more mare that was in the pasture when Wizard had his two hours of enjoyment. I hadn't gotten any pics of her - will need to do some!
Bell and Bit are full sisters - bred by the same breeder. Bit was born in 1991 and Bell in 1992. I purchased them to be a pair for driving - on purpose. They are actually built a bit different and travel different and have different personalities - it was WORK to get them driving as a pair.

I bred several foals out of one mare and some foals out of other mares - all by the same stallion - & most look quite similar. It was part of the reason I put the name tags on the ponies. My vet hadn't noticed the tags last fall when she came out - she was fascinated by that today. And looking around the one pasture she said - "hmm, w/o those I wouldn't know who was who"...

This is a great pic that demos that -


Classy, Wyndy & Shamrock are all by the same stallion (in my avatar) but out of different mares. GG & Classy are both out of the same mare (Bell) but by VERY different stallions. Both GG and Classy got a guaranteed silver gene from Bell (homozygous silver) - Classy hasn't been tested yet to see if she has 1 or 2 silver genes.

And I LOVE this pic of Shamrock and Classy. They are out of very different mares - but have stayed pretty much the same in height and build. I've always thought of them as a "pair"...

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