Where Can I find other Donkey Forums?

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Nov 30, 2002
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I'd like to find a more active forum because theres times I really do need answers and help as I'm new to donkeys, could someone be so kind as to tell me where to find a good active one? Thanks.
Hi Marnie, I have been told that there is another, but never told where to find it! If you do ...let me know too. The other forum I was on just NEVER seemed to change for weeks on end! I think everyone is quit busy at this time of the year, to be on her daily. What did you need answered? I just got home yesterday, was gone for a week, give it a go at your questions...only seen the one about biting. When mine start to get nippy, I have never hit them...I usually just YELL...NO, to them fast and eventually it works. You sent me a email about lifting the tail..just watch that he/she has passed manure, or passing gas. If there is no rolling around or acting strange in any way, I wouldnt be too concerned about it. Did you check for a fever when this was happening? Corinne
Here are the ones I have and they are VERY very active~!!! some more then others.





Have fun some of these groups post 100 or more a day~! With lots and lots of pictures~!! BUT With Yahoo Forums,,, to SEE the pictures with the messages you HAVE to get ALL messages BY E MAIL ~!! that is lots going intoi E Mail BUT I do get them in mine it is up to you...But I just HATE to have a message start out wih SEE MY NEW donkey baby and NOT being able to because of choosing NOT to get messages via e mail...BUT that is up to you...But you can still learn many things about our long eared friends..

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