When will he put his eeee and ahhhh together?

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Apr 17, 2004
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Shelley Idaho
My baby jack is about 3 months old and the cutest thing ever. When he was about 1 and half months old he would honk you know do the ahhhhh part of his bray. Well now he is just doing first eeeeeee part. I thought the other day that two cats were either fighting or in love back in the barnyard but it was that fuzzy little critter trying to bray. Any ideas as to when he will put the two together? My jenny never brays but he is going to be noisy.... my revenge on every barking dog in the neighborhood..

I LOVE your revenge..its going to be payback time!!! It takes my donkeys awhile to learn to bray too, my hinny took almost 1 year to decide weather they wanted to bray or whinny
there still are times I think he gets it mixed up
, now I have a 11 month old zdonk,(ZeeBo, his picture is below---look what followed me home) he really cant make up his mind and it dont sound like a donkey at all. This one should be a interesting sound when he makes up his mind as to what he is going to do!!
My neighbors love it when my jennys (normally they are quiet) bray..they always know our "neighbor" bear are around.
You are right..it does sound like 2 cats "in love" when they are learning.
LOL!!! We have a very verbal group here so our jennets have learned to talk pretty fast from their moms! Our youngest jennet is now a yearling and she has a very screechy scream! At a show in March, she was in the barn but all heads on the bleachers outside turned when she voiced her dismay at not being out with everyone else! Our yearling big mule boy sounds like a ghost wail followed by a HUH HUH HUH! I LOVE the various voices and thank goodness, our neighbors do too!


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