When do you think this mares will foal.

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Sep 17, 2006
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brandon, ms

we have three mares due soon.We have been watching them daily and nightly. Which one do you think will go first?

First is our black mare Ruby due april 24 by the last breeding date. First breeding date is April 14.


ruby udder today

ruby back side



second mare is due april 26 last breeding date

first breeding date april 16






third mare is lace

last breeding date due may 1

first breeding date due paril 23




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Ruby looks like she has a ways to go. Some progress quickly from small bag to full bag to foal. Others seem to take forever to get there and still otheres never get a full bag and foal.

I have 9 in various stages of bagging, all due this month. Two are maiden mares, one has a small tight bag who is under the camera and pager. She just loves to lay out flat to sleep, for hours, several times a night(I am about ready to kill her!!) :DOH! Another has a full hard bag, has had diarrhea for 2 days, but does nothing but stand in the corner of her stall. She too is under the camera and pager. Then I have 3 that have medium bags. One comes in at night,(no more cameras or pagers, though I sent a pager out to be repaired, just do not have the money for another camera now) but the others are outside by the barn. Last year I left one out that did not have a big hard bag and brought two in that did. Well the one I left outside foaled, the two inside, did not.

None of these mares have read the book on how they are supposed to behave. (Sure wish they would so that I could get a good night sleep)

I swear they are all laughing at me and are conspiring with each other on how to make this as sleepless a month as possible for me.
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just added the others.

ruby had some sticky stuff this morning, she why i put the alarm on her.who knows what these girls are going to do.

ruby has had three foals.

savannah has had eight or so.

lace has had one.

we didn't own these mares during their last foals.

so trying to decide who to put the alarms on first? :DOH!

lace and ruby are relax in the back in as well.savannah as not.I was told savannah foals around 342-359 days
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to give you another example of "these mares do not read the books".

I had a mare in for the last couple of days because the weather has not been nice, but I did not have her under camera or on the pager. This AM her bag was a little bigger, but not full. Tonight it was a bit fuller, and when I got fluid out, it was thicker and sticky. So I decided to put her under the cameras and pager, just incase. She had to share a stall with another mare that I have been watching. Mind you, I brought her in at 5:00. At 7:45 I was watching them and she seemed to be a bit uncomfortable. So I watched more closely. Then she laid down and I noticed some funny motion that she was doing, but it was not pushing. Then she got up, went down again and I noticed something dripping out of her. Well I got dressed and ran out to the barn. She was up, then went down again. So I took the other mare out of the stall and watched this mare. A couple of seconds later she started puhing and gave birth to a black (I think) colt by 8:00. At 5:00 I was questioning putting her under the camra and pager and at 8:00 she had the foal. No full bag, no loose tail, no milk. This is her second foal too. (yeah, and second colt too. Bummer, as I really wanted a filly. He is a full brother to Riverdance's Celtic Winds)

So anyway, I guess I am saying, how can anyone tell?
Just by looking at your pictures and it could certainly change, I'd say Ruby first, Lace next and Savannah last. I'm going mostly by udder development and any of them could progress rapidly and come on before another. From your description, it sure sounds like Ruby is very close!
Ruby was very relax this morning.
waiting game.

udder about the same.

lace is relaxing and udder about the same.

savannah no change yet.

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