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Oct 20, 2006
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Will get some photos later tonight but got 2 i'm watching more carefully...

1 isn't due for another month... however looks like she is carrying a small elephant!!
This mare is known for producing big foals and also giving everything to the foal.. we've been feeding her up over winter to keep her from looking like a welfare case! This is to be her last baby as she is being retired this year as she struggles so much to keep herself looking well with being a broodmare.

The other one i'm half expecting every morning to turn up to a foal with her... this is only her second foal but she appears to be going very much like the first one... she bags up a little bit then springs it a few hours before she drops... (we've got the bagged up a bit) she goes so lovey dovey and wanting attention and cuddles... she is normally moody as anything and currently demarding my attention... for tick 2..

And for tick 3 she adores stallions when closer to foaling... my boy doesn't run with her girls in winter (he goes and plays with the boys), however Piper is currently screaming at him and running up to the fence (there is a driveway between the 2 fences..) so thats tick 3... she is slackened off behind as well and her due date is either April 26 or may 22nd..... i've got my money on the first date as she is also well know for faking a season after the last covering has taken....

Don't you just love the sneaky mares who keep you guessing!!
I think you are going to become really busy in a short amount of time


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