What do you think of my gelding?

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Aug 18, 2003
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Alberta, Canada
This is Rose Country’s Triton D’ Lucks AKA Rudy!

He is my 2-year-old gelding. I am hoping to take him to a few shows in my area sometime next year.

He needs some work on him. He was one of my first foals and I am ashamed to admit, but I spoiled him rotten and he has become a bit of a brat if he doesn’t want to do something you ask him to do.

In the field he is a total love bug and you can do whatever you want to him, but as soon as I take him out to work he get so excited and only wants to do what he wants and eat grass. If you try to make him he will just get down and roll.

I have been taking him out ever 2ed day for walks. He is getting better, but still likes to try and trot in front of you and if I tell him “easy†and give a bit of a pull on the lead he just goes crazy flipping his head.

Anyone have any training ideas for him? He really is a sweet little guy and very people friendly, but his nickname has become RUDE RUDY!!

Also by looking at his confirmation what are your likes and dislikes. What kind of showing do you think he would do best at? Do you have nay good conditioning tips, besides getting rid of that little porker belly?



P.S. He did have a bath prior to these photos being taken, but he is not a fan of the hose. So I don't really bath him to get him clean right now, rather to get him use to te hose. Thats why he is a bit scruffy



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LOL Nope I really don't think so. Last night she was out playing (bucking, rearing, and galloping) with Rudy (above) and our other 2-year-old gelding. Just doesn't seem like something that a mare would do if she was 334 in foal. Plus she still has no bag and hasn't got any bigger. Thanks for your thoughts though!

Well Dee if your going to be showing next year nows your chance to see all the geldings at the Camrose fundraiser Aug. 7 & 8 for the club most everyone that shows up here usually turns out for that one and it's only held up north this close every other year which is a bonus for us as far as driving and a lot of fun to boot because it's more relaxed and l hear Sonja is still looking for volunteers to help out l think you would enjoy it and would meet most of the people around your age who show some super geldings in all the differant classes available. salena
i think he needs a butt... it seems small & unporportioned (sp?) in the pics.. donno how to fix tho..

very cute!


maybe a cliping too, if possibal, he looks kinnda harry
You need to show him this year! Be sure and at least send his papers in to the club (you got the high point information in the mail, check it out) and because he's a junior gelding, the club will send you money! If you show him as a junior gelding, they'll send you twice as much!

He looks pretty good ... his tummy would probably improve if he was off grass for a bit, and then once he's clipped and dressed up for the show he'd look lovely! He could use some muscle tone, especially in his hip, a little lunging and hill work would definately help. I don't envy you all that white and off-white to get clean!! We get fed up with the few white socks we take to a show!!

Anyway, I hope you make it to Camrose, with or without Rudy!
He needs to really tuck up the belly, but I dont know how old he is. If he is a yearling then it could just be a yearling thing. He needs more muscel in the butt and shoulder. I would also sweat his neck some.
Thanks guys. He is only 2 so can I lunge him? I also thought it was best to wait until they are 3 years of age.


OK I am so totally confused
. Why would I get money for showing him?

Thanks again

The Western Canadian Miniature Horse Club has a gelding incentive program. If you geld your junior stallion and send in the papers with gelded on them, the club will automatically send you money (the club dropped it to $50 because they were poor last year, but I think it may go back up to $100 this year). The idea is that it helps to offset the cost of gelding. Then if you show your junior gelding, you're promoting gelding your colts on a larger scale, and the club will send you double the money!

The Senior Gelding classes in our area are often the biggest halter classes of the show, but the Junior Gelding classes are often the smallest. For instance, at the show last weekend there were 16 senior geldings in the three height divisions, and only 2 junior geldings. This is an initiative to not only encourage geldings in general, but also to boost numbers in the junior gelding classes.

So just send in a copy of your papers and they'll send you money!

Well I guess that makes sense. Only thing is that he is only 2 so I haven't sent in his permanent papers yet so it still has him as a stallion.


all you have to do is send in the gelding certificate. you dont have to wait until they are 3 and really the gelding certificate should be sent as soon as a horse is gelded.

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