What do you do with your minis?

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What do you do with your minis?

  • Breed

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  • Show

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  • Breed and Show

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  • Just for Pleasure

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  • Kids Pets

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  • Train and Sell

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  • Rescue

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  • Did I forget something? (Other)

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Curious to see what the numbers are.

I picked Just for Pleasure. I dont show any of my horses, and dont really breed them. Although I do do a lot of training to re sell. I have never gotten into showing aside from a little barrel raceing here and there for fun. And decided not to breed Miniature horses because there is so much of that going on already and when I see how many horses are for sale I figure why ad my foals to the list. Plus I really enjoy buying un trained horses for projects and selling them to family homes where they can be loved by kids.

What do you do with them and why did you choose that?
Show and pleasure. Because I enjoy them at home and letting them be horses....and because I also enjoy showing nd all the different classes you can challenge yourself and your horse with, plus the camaraderie and socialization at the shows.

I had thought about breeding at one point, but it's not in the cards for me right now, and it would not be to the public, just for us.
Poll would be hard to do if we can only click on one as lots of people breed, train and show and also have fun with their minis and have some as pets and also do rescue.

I know I breed train and show and have rescued horses and have some as pets.

So just say I clicked them all!
We show mostly, but will be breeding in the near future. We also use them for pleasure.

I love showing, it is one of my favorite things to do because I like to see how much my work pays off.
I purchased them for enjoyment, and breeding quality, as I do enjoy the little ones, But I soon found out that I am not cut out for all the birthing trauma that "can" happen, every now and then.. . So I am shifting directions slightly and thinking about breeding only as it is fun for me, and I do enjoy that process. I also like taking care of other peoples horses, and am set up to do so. It just seems like a natural direction for me to go.
I have my mini just for pleasure. In a few years when he's trained to pull a cart I may show, but probubly not and seeing as I have only one mini and he's a gelding, breeding would be pretty hard!
I picked show. Like most poeple I started out with "just one pet" and now we mainly show, but are venturing into the breeding aspect. We have had 2 foals of our own born on our farm and we are (hopefully) expecting 2 for next year!!
Mine are all geldings so that takes care of the breeding. Our days of showing a long over but it was fun at the time. We drive all over the area locally and lots of kids enjoy watching the little team coming down the road. We do some serious things with them, Drive into town for ice cream, go to the feed store with them. We went on several picnics with the grandchildren when they were here. For us its just the pleasure of owning them. If we had more or were into breeding I fear it would lead to more than we are prepared for in at this point in our lives.
I chose OTHER

At this time they are "just for pleasure"

Next year I hope that we will be SHOWING (mostly ADS shows)

In the future I hope that we will be BREEDING

we do have several broodmares now.. and a yearling stallion. We aren't ready to do foal watch (with our current work schedules).. and we want the stallion to prove to us that he is worth breeding.. so he has to grow up first.

If we do start breeding.. I won't be able to keep them all.. so they would have to be for sale too.

so... eventually we will be "just for pleasure/show/breeding/sell"

Other I guess...

because first, they are our companions and yard ornaments...just like to see them enjoying themselves! And Pippin, being untrained to drive, is certainly in the 'just for pleasure' category right now.

And also, I show at ADS shows with Dan and Fascination(and others that aren't mine). I am rather competitive, but my favorite part is just doing well by my standards(not wrecking, a good dressage test, having FUN!).

I also enjoy training other people's horses, but I am not in the 'train and sell' category either.
I guess I goofed and hit the wrong button again! I hit breed and

show but I should have hit other as we do so much more! They are for pleasure,

pets and for the kids also. Linda B
My trainer and I rescued Peanut from slaughter, but the day that I got him from the recue barn, it was my intent to show him, and show him I have-and will continue to.

Dealer I honestly bought to show more then anything. I must say I couldn't be happier with Dealer since he will do ANYTHING for me if I am the one leading, and I am so proud of this horse!

Overall, I had to pick show. I do use them for pleasure, although my pleasure with them is the training and showing them.

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I voted for pleasure ,although I could go with lots of the others. I hope to show for the first time next year. I breed my minis, sell them, and break the to carts, take them to birthday parties....the possibilitys are endless...as is my love for the little equines. If nothing else I love the kisses they give me every morning and night and the sound of 52 hooves racing down from the pasture to be nestled in the barn for the night.
right now I have to boys for pleasure but I am trying my hand at training. Darb was purchased as a pet as his right front foopt points out a bit, but I am working at training him for a cart for my pleasure and to give him a job. He is such a love and wants to please.

And Omar well we will work with him and see how he rows up and decide if we want to show or not.

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