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Feb 22, 2004
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Poedunk America
Well basically just what the subject says..

But specifically heres the scenerio. I'm considering a Mac/Apple (whichever ya wanna call it) Laptop so that I don't have to haul my big PC around. I'm use to windows and such of course but I have several reasons to consider a Mac and really at this point am just considering a Mac so don't waste your time telling me to get a Windows machine instead. Just saying I'm not lookin into those right now.

I know nothing about different models of laptops or product lines that Apple has for laptops so any help in th at area would be great, as far as specifications go of what I should get. Obviously, I know more memory and a bigger harddrive is better, etc. But do they have other product names besides the "MacBook"?

And one question I haven't gotten a straight answer about is could I install my version of MS Office and would it work on a Mac? I know those programs like Open Office and such that are better to use on Macs, etc. etc. I'm just really concerned about being able to open my office files I already have in word, excel, access, etc.

Thanks for any insight you can give me on Macs!
Cammie, "You hit the nail on the head with your hammer". Mac almost died when connectivity issues hit the office world & computers. Macs were NOT COMPATIBLE with others computers so they got delegated to the graphics depts & small businesses' uses. They have not improved greatly either in conectivity issues; that is swapping files back & forth between PC based windows programs. If you noticed, Macs screens have mostly been opposite setups from windows. Bill(Gates) spent several days in court explaining the similiar content but not the connectivity between windows & Job's Mac software. It seems old Bill had hired an ex-Mac developer when he setup windows BUT it wasn't copied(??).

Job's keeps coming back to revibe Mac each time it trys to die & quietly old(retired)Bill keeps dumping money in Mac to keep the feds off his back(politics). Mac are niche items & are the BEST at what they do but they are not main stream tools with the interchangeability required by a heavy software-mix user.

An example: The VW bug is a great car but only a VW mechanic can fix them right. They are not noted for hauling more than people but are excellent for that. They are a great commuter car.

A computer has only THREE parts; no matter what form they take.

Display = A viewer to see data

CPU = A processor to CHANGE data

Storage = A method to store data

You can not look at it from the packaged stand point that we have in the past.

What are your needs? Will the Mac do it alone? Someone hands you a memory or flash card from their PC;

can you use it on the Mac also? Can your Macs "Storage devices" be given to the PC person?

This has never been a good swap in the past & therefore the Mac has always lived the life of a "VW".

Mac people have always been a breed of their own(VW's).

Elementasry schools always had Macs because that is where they were marketed but never made it to higher grades because too many kids by then had windows at home = non-compatible.

Don't know if this helps but it gives you some behind the scenes background...
My next computer will be a Mac. The files are easily interchangeable. I can go from a computer at work, to a friends Mac, to my PC to another laptop and back to a different Mac all with the files working on all of them. No longer are the times when Macs and other computers are not compatible. Thankfully those days are long gone. This is something that is very important to me because of my work.

A family member of mine runs a very well established computer consulting firm...and his wife is very high up in the ebay company. Both (and their work places) will ONLY use Macs. Most (at least 85%) computer people I know will only use Macs.
All you need to know is that they are amazing. I was a hard core Mac Hater before I actually got one and now I wouldn't trade it for anything.

NO, your PC software will not work with a Mac, but pretty much any software you can get for a PC comes in the Mac version.

Storage devices, such as flash drives, CD's, DVD's etc can be used in either a Mac or PC with out any formatting.

You won't regret it, Get One!
Mac is very user friendly. You will love it. Get the best you can afford. Many companies offer packages, also maybe some freebees. Try MacMall, also Apple offers some discounts for government or say teachers. The last Mac I bought I got from MacMall they offered free memory at the time. Good luck with your new Mac.
Thanks for the comments so far, keep them coming!

Most of you say that files are easily interchangeable, so what programs do you use on the Mac to open your office files on a PC?

I also wondered about Anti-Virus software, never noticed before, does Norton or Macafee sell Mac versions or does Apple have some built in protection like Vista's "Windows Defender"?

Again, I'm still uncertain of "brands" or "product lines" I should look at..

Macs were NOT COMPATIBLE with others computers so they got delegated to the graphics depts & small businesses' uses.
They were not "delegated" to the graphics departments - they were far and away the best things for the job. When MS-DOS was still the basics for PCs, Apple had Macs leading us into desktop publishing. The idea that Macs were second rate at any of the stuff they have led the way in makes me shake my head... or laugh - I am not sure which. And having worked for many years on Macs (poor me - delegated to the mere graphics department
) - I love them.

Once you use a Mac you will wonder why you ever bothered to deal with the multitude of Windows glitches and patches that have been the rule for PCs. The virus epidemics that run rampant at times do not affect Macs.

Check out the MacBooks on the website - http://www.apple.com/mac/

You can click on the tutorials on that page and get a great "tour" of a Mac... there are many different tutorials there to have fun with. Apple stores also have lessons if that helps you.

Yes - you can run Windows on new Macs... Microsoft Office... connect to PCs via networks...

Check out the website again... and the FAQs - Frequently Answered Questions in this case!


No - I do not own stock in Apple - nor do I work for them. I just prefer Macs in every way... even though I am stuck with this PC for now... :DOH!

And ya gotta admit - the commercials are great!

Need I say more? lol

Seriously, it is the coolest thing, I will never go back to PC...ever. I have a MacBook Pro and It is just so darn clever and awesome to use. I transferred all my documents over from my PC and now use Open Office for all my university stuff.

You wont regret buying a Mac
Oh yeah, do invest in the Apple Care package. I use Office for Mac, it has Word, Excel, and I think Powerpoint and something else. I work with a lot of records so I use Filemaker Pro. Enterage(sp) is there messaging program that's great plus Safari is the internet browser. Your gona luv your new laptop.
You really don't need to worry about anti-virus protection on a mac. When a virus is created, it is usually created for a windows platform so the mac's are already protected. Mac's are more difficult to create a virus for, so they are virtually untouchable.

I LOOOOOVE my macs! (I have 3) I wouldn't trade them for anything!

The files are mostly interchangable, the only real issue I have with mine is marestare...
i cant get the plug-in for the mac.

Besides that everything is GREAT!!!
Hmmm...that stinks about the marestatre thing!

What is the Apple Care Package?

I still have a lot of studying to do about it but I guess I'll look into what all Open Office does to see if I could use my office files, because I dont really want to buy extra software for the computer - software is expensive! So I'm hoping to get a laptop with the essentials on it... And then find something like Open Office to d/l or something.
The AppleCare Protection Plan. It is a service you can buy to repair or help you if you have problems with your computer.

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