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Apr 19, 2005
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What did you do with your horses while you were in college? Did you stay local so that you could see them, did you give them to someone else for the school year? If you had a mini (or big horse) before you went to college what did you do when you left for college? I still have about 3 years to figure this all out but I have no clue what I'm going to do with Fever when I go to college! I love him to death and I'm NOT going to sell him so thats deffinatly out of the question but I'm not sure I'd be able to give him the attention he deserves if I take him with me (and board him near the collage). I could leave him at the stable he is boarded at now and have my family give him attention but I'm sure I'll miss him like crazy! I have no idea what college is like so maybe I will have time to spend with him, study, and experiance college life. I know this maybe a little early to be thinking about seeing as I'm 15 and I know I'll have to comprimise something but I'm just looking for suggestions, so what did you do (or what are you doing or planning on doing)?
When I went to college I had one horse, a half-arab gelding. I left him at home with my parents (when had 5 acres, so he was at home). The summer before I headed to college I met an Arabian breeder at a show that was from near where I was to go to college and they had invited to come visit them when I got to school. I went to visit them off and on for my first semester, when my parents came to visit near the end of first semester I took them out to the ranch. And, while my parents were there, the ranch owners offered my a part-time job in exchange for my horses board; so the next semester he came to school with me. Eventually I moved on to other boarding places closer to campus and had my horse with through all of college.

I am going through college right now, approx. 6 hours drive from my home town. I have 4 horses now, and they stay with my parents. My cousin helps a lot, as well as an aunt sometimes. I miss them like crazy (that was x 10 when my filly was born in Feb of 2004... got the worst grades of my life that quarter!), and call almost daily while I'm trying to get from one class to the next. But there's just no way I can bring them with me (financially) and I can't see me handling classes, homework, my social life, and my horses. I'm not that organized.

I guess it's just something you have to decide for yourself. Boarding would be a heck of a lot easier for you, with only 1 horse. How focused are you? Would you be able to concentrate on school, as well as friends and parties (a must-have college experience), along with giving your horse the attention he needs?

This is exactly what I was wondering... I would never want to sell my colt, but I am sure something will come about when the time comes

I just hope I can find some little boy or girl that is really resposible, and will lease all of my minis, what would be best, is if my non/horsey parents (but they know alot about horses, wich makes me wonder why they do not get involed with horses) will volenteer, if we moved to a real big place, and I had 5-6 minis and about 4 diferent other breed of horses (donkeys, qaurters, shetlands, maye araibians, I dont know what kind I wil get, I just at least want 5-6 minis) I am almost 100% possitive, my mom will do it, since we would move to a place, were she would be pretty much un able to work, wich is fine, since we will get the land for free. so she will stay home and probably take care of the horses, both of my parents will have riding horses, and I will have 1-2, and so they will take care of all the horses, if they have to take care of there own, if that dosent happen, like I said about i hope I can find a little boy/girl to lease them, and just love them to death!

Back in the 'Dark Ages' when I went to college--first year, I went off to Hawai'i, so I left my 2 YO filly with my folks, farmed her dam out to an uncle over near Lubbock, TX. The summer after freshman year, while back at home, I was riding cutting horses with a trainer my dad had sent my filly to, fell in love with a buckskin gelding, sold the filly-and took the gelding to college with me, for the rest of my college life. Went to New Mexico State Univ., which had a rodeo team, and also stalls for horses- I was accepted to the Team(luckily, I joined a sorority with several team members, roomed with one who had a two horse trailer and a vehicle to pull it(I had neither!), so I always travelled to the regional college rodeos with her!) Do the colleges where you guys are going have a place for you to keep your horse? I was VERY happy to be able to have my horse with me!! I understand, though, that times have changed a lot since then....(this was in '58-'62!!)
Im not in college yet, but I already have my plan (if I get accepted). UNH is about an hour away, and they have an excellent equine program and pre-vet program which is what I want to do. I would leave my horses with my parents and visit and show on weekends.

But Im sure something will come up.
I had one horse at that time (many many years ago
). She stayed home - went out to pasture board - while I went to school. Fortunately, my first two years were in Columbia MO and the school had a pretty good equestrian program. I was able to keep riding up there, although I could never persuade my folks to spring for sending my horse up. I probably learned more riding a variety of horses than I would have otherwise.

My mare survived my absence very nicely too - she ultimately came back to live with us in Austin and lived to the ripe old age of 29!

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I've been thinking alot about this lately. I currently have 6 horses: 4 mares (2 of which are brood mares) and 2 show geldings. I'm strongly considering the U of WI in River Falls or the U of MN Twin Cities, both are about half an hour away so I would be pretty close to home. This is kinda a depressing thought
. But I am excited for college!!!
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I went to an equine college in NJ and I'm from ME. I had 2 Morgan mares at the time, full sisters. Taking them with me was not an option as they had to pass a test to qualify to board there (yeah..can you SEE saddleseat horses in a hunter/jumper barn?!) Plus it was quite expensive and I was already doing work study to pay for school. My parents made it very clear they did NOT want to take care of them either. I ended up leasing them both to girls who rode at the same barn. One made such a great team and the girl fell in love with her so I opted to sell her to be the girls Christmas present. The other came back home, and I still have her here. She was the second foal born on our farm and my first love and will have a forever home until it's time for her to move on. As part of that whole saving on gas thing...she's my lawnmower!

Her back in her "working" days

My younger sister and my parents took care of them for me
I am really thankful for all their hard work while I was in college for 4 years in WV.

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