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Oct 4, 2003
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This is my new stallion and I don't what color to register him.


He does have a dorsal stripe down his back.
I'm no colour expert but he looks more dun to me mabe if you clipped him buckskin?
Well...I really don't see any Dun characteristics.....the typical leg & shoulder barring. You say he has a "dorsal"...but I can't see it in the picture. It could just be countershading. Judging from the photo alone....I would lean more toward Silver Buckskin. But....we all know that it's difficult at best, to judge from photos alone! Do you know the "true" colors of his parents? Buckskin & Dun are two completely different genes. Buckskin would have to carry the creme gene, while Dun would carry the Dun gene. Of course, you can also have a combination of Buckskin & Dun (Dunskin).

Knowing the color of the parents would help to make a better "educated" guess as to this horse's true color. Or, you could have it tested to see if it carries the creme gene.
I love color stuff! Makes my head spin, but it's fun just the same.

I thought I had a Silver Buckskin and turns out she's a Silver Dunskin. She does look somewhat different than your colt; her mane and tail are much lighter. But your colt's points sure look diluted.

I've learned that the Dun factors are very subtle under the silver and cream. It was really tough for me to see them, since I'm no Dun expert by any stretch (this is my first, and I didn't even know it). I took some close up pictures of my filly's legs, ears, back, neck and face and Lewella was kind enough to verify her Dun factors.

Yes, I know, I'm no help at all.
Some close ups of the areas I mentioned might help the experts. And knowing his parent's colors too.

If you want to see my filly for comparison, she's Dizzy, the top pictures at http://www.geocities.com/keeperofthehorses/Eclipse_Farm.html . Those pictures don't show her dun factors well though; I suppose I should get around to adding those pics to the website too. She has a clear dorsal stripe (in a chocolate color), leg barring, face mask, ear liner, ear shading and shoulder shading.

I'm anxious to see what the verdict will be on your boy.
I see a Buckskin- dorsals are more than possible- Duns MUST have a Dorsal, Buckskins can have a dorsal. He may or may not have Silver- until you get some foals on the ground it may not be possible to tell.
I would say buckskin; we have a filly that is almost identical in color & she is without a doubt buckskin--silver too, I'm fairly sure.
I agree! Buckskin and probably a silver one with his points as light as they are.

Here is a silver buckskin, but he is wet from the rain.

Daddy is silver bay pinto, Laurel Acres Rocky Rowdy and dam is Sequoia Sierra Spring Mime a sooty buckskin.


If I don't put color in his mane and tail they are real silvery with no contrast to his body color at all. In fact the same color mane and tail that your boy has.


* Oops sorry, photo is so dark. I will try to fix it.

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I vote buckskin too.....with a possibility of the silver gene mixed in.

I bought a grade gelding who I was told was buckskin. I don't think so. I think he is just chestnut.

Yours does not have black legs or mane and tail. What color are his parents? He needs to have at least one diluted parent to be buckskin.


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The Horse above is Buckskin!! there is a huge difference between Sorrel and Buckskin, but yours has Sooty (smutty) as well, which is what makes him darker. Buckskins do not have to have Black manes and tails and points, they often have grey or even brown points- it is nice if they have Black as it provides more contrast - I think, anyway!! They also do not have to have Silver to be that pale in the points, but, since this is a Mini, it is a possibility. I would register him as Buckskin (possibly + Silver) and change it over if he sires a Silver.
rabbitsfizz said:
The Horse above is Buckskin!! there is a huge difference between Sorrel and Buckskin, but yours has Sooty (smutty) as well, which is what makes him darker.  Buckskins do not have to have Black manes and tails and points, they often have grey or even brown points- it is nice if they have Black as it provides more contrast - I think, anyway!! 

Do you mean MY mini is buckskin?? I honestly have no idea because I have no papers on him and have no idea what color his parents are. He could be a smutty buckskin though, I guess. Thanks for the info about color!
IMO. he looks like a champagne, if he is not that then IMO he is buckskin!

Have you ever e-mailed the ICHR to see what they think, maybe I am totally worng, just a thought!

Marion, your horse is silver buckskin. If he was buckskin his mane/tail would be black or at least a dark chocolate. That's one of the identifying traits of buckskin...... the points, which includes mane/tail must be black - many are faded to an off-black/dark chocolate, but they are still not as light as your colts. Actually your colt's color is about as "textbook" silver buckskin as you can get......

I looked at his pedigree on your website, thank you for having photos in his pedigree, it makes it so much easier!
He's getting his coloring from his dam, who is also a silver buckskin, I'm just guessing but the silver is probably coming through her sire (who is registered "buckskin" but is probably silver buckskin) from Lazy N Red Boy who's a silver bay. His sire is black, nothing coming from him except perhaps the black base coat, which also could come from the dam - your colt could be homozygous black.

So while your horse is a silver buckskin, you are probably not going to be able to register him as such because as far as I know, neither registry allows silver buckskin as a color. His dam who is silver buckskin and her sire who I'm betting is also silver buckskin are both registered as buckskin w/ AMHA. So they might allow that, or they might want to register him as "dun", which he is not but if the registry wants to register him that color there's not much that can be done about it.

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