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Mar 27, 2004
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I like to play those slots. But it cost too much. So, I put an ad on the Sales page. Well, I put four ads on the featured ad spot. When I get the hanker'n to go play the penny machines I can just go to the Sales Page instead. But, what do you suppose the odds are that all four of my ads will come up and be in the right order.

If anyone does happen to open up the sale page and they do come up that way would you email me. Mary Lou said she thought the odds would be slim. I tried refreshing about 25 times and didn't even come close. I think that those ads run for 20 days, so surely someone should get it.
Well I must admit I simply didn't get it at first. I had to look and look to even figure out what you were talking about.

I finally figured it out and well they come up in somewhat the right order. . Now to see who else can figure it out
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I've gotten 3 of them to come up but not in the right order. Bored are we?

Oh! I just got PUC
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ok i've tried a bunch of times..it kind of has it's own pattern. I haven't been able to figure out if it has the same "other" horses in each rotation but i've gotten PU and CK to come up together

and then it will go x C x K and P x U then something like U x K i'm not possitive but it looks like it has it's own rotation type of thing. i'll keep trying though.
I just had someone email that they got all four Pucks, but they didn't say if they were in order. (Spelling of Name) Maybe it is not so hard.
I got PUC. Nothing better than watching my new foal on the TV and playing your slot machine game on the computer!!!!
I got PUC twice and uck once.... Just another addiction!

Thanks for the fun, you sure do have great ideas for you ads. I always look forward to seeing what your going to come up with next!

So what do we win if we get all 4 in a row???
Really fun game to play! Can't tell you how many times I hit the refresh button!! Finally got P U C but another ad was in the middle.
oh, thanks, now I will be tryiong this all night!!! LOL!!!!!! Cute idea!!

Edited: I was looking at the wrong thing LOL. I found them now, fun
. Tried it a few times and still have not got PUCK though ..
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:DOH! Like I have nothing better to do. It is contagious--you just need to keep trying to get it right. :DOH! I got to get a life.

I got "U" in the second place and "C" in the 4th spot but nothing else. I guess I was luckier at the slots last night.
You rolled four? ohhhhhhhhhh I like that sound. Can't you just here that ding ding ding?

I like the one that got UCK too.

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