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Feb 3, 2004
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A friend of mine was kind enough to haul lil Tango up to the Valley Vet in Rainier, Oregon on Tuesday so that he could be gelded the following morning. We arrived around 3:30--4pm, checked him in, and left him standing in a very nice stall with a huge kiss on his muzzle. I called Wednesday morning to find out exactly what time he'd undergo the procedure, only to find out they'd done it after hours on Tuesday night. From what the vet tech told me, they'd taken him over to another stall to actually casterate him. The vet, Dr. Julie Plummer, grab a lawn chair after they had finished, and sat in the stall holding the lead rope while Tango lay there "waking up". Dr. Julie and the vet tech (Brenda) talked awhile when all of a sudden Tango popped his head up, slowly stood up, walk right up to Dr. Julie, placed his head in her lap, and stood there. Brenda fell in love with him right then. She thought he was the cutest mini she'd ever seen and just absolutely adored him. We picked him up Thursday morning and brought him home to a nice bed of pine shavings and straw.

I am so relieved to say that Tango is doing great. He has absolutely no swelling in the surrounding area. He's been trotting up a storm and talking to all his friends (but not quite like he used too). I know its only been a few days, but I swear he is a new horse already. He hasn't tried to bite at all since he's been home, he doesn't "drop" anymore when his friends talk to him, and he doesn't scream or talk as much either. He isn't showing any signs of being in pain. I imagine there is a little discomfort, but he's acting just hunky-dory, not a problem in the world. I am 10 times more in love with him than I ever was before. He is just so sweet now and I can't wait to show him in a near future.

I want to thank all of you for your good thoughts and reassurring comments.
And sorry this was so long, lol.

Erin and Tango
I get more convinced all the time that geldings are the greatest! We have one that we had gelded last year as a yearling and this year he is just more sweet. I don't know what it is but they do have something.
My daughter has an 11 year old gelding she loves dearly and taught to cart. We have a b size yearling we are waiting on the second one to drop down and he will be our next one. Love those geldings!

forgot to mention, be sure and watch out for shavings that get caught in the drainage and work their way up. I hope he continues with not much swelling.
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Congratulations, Erin!

I know it's not easy to make the decision, but you know you made the right choice for his well being and your enjoyment, and you are already seeing the signs.

Hope to see Tango at some shows in the future! I'm so glad he's recovering well.

Liz M.
Yea !! Now it's done and over with, and you can REALLY enjoy him now
Hi Erin,

I'm so glad he's doing great -- I think Valley Vet and their gelding program are just great!

I had a feeling Tango was going to be so much sweeter -- I can only imagine the wonderful stories we'll be hearing.
Congrats on your "new" gelding Erin!!

I have a question, tho...I am sure valley Vet does farm calls...just wondering why they didnt just "drop" him right there at your place and geld him?? My vet gelds wherever the horse is...just find a nice level dry (grassy if there is one) spot and do it there.
Congratulations, Erin AND Tango! So far, I have had 6 of my horses gelded and it's absolutely been the right choice. The only one that had any problems was Derby (naturally, it would happen to my favorite!), but he did fine after a few days. He had bleeding and had to be packed but I truly believe he's a happier guy now thanks to being gelded. If you aren't sure you're going to breed the stallion, gelding really just makes them easier to care for and to enjoy. Good for you and him both!!!

That's all part of Valley Vet's gelding program -- they can keep a close eye on the new gelding as he comes out of the anesthesia and through the first 24 hours, and yet they charge less than any of the other vets I spoke with. They also give a very precise and thorough post-surgery instruction sheet.

I liked this approach especially because I hadn't had a horse gelded before, and Mingus was at a boarding stable at the time we had his surgery (same with Tango), and I couldn't be there round the clock.
Congrats Erin.....glad to hear Tango is doing so well.......sounds like you took him to the best place.....that is great to hear about how the vets & techs took such great care of him, that had to make you feel a little more at ease as well.... I know it would me.
Well tonight (Saturday) is day number 4 since the operation. I went up to exercise Tango this morning and noticed that he is a bit swollen in the sheath area. I trotted him in the round pen for a good length of time and then cold hosed him down to wash away any dirt that he'd picked up, plus "calm" the swelling down. I'm not too worried though because he's eating everything I put in front of him, drinking a normal amount of water, peeing and pooping plenty, and isn't reluctant to move. I just wish that darn swelling would go away.

I'll get some new pictures soon so you all can see what a cutie-pie and lover-bug he's turned into. Thanks for letting me share and for all the wonderful comments.


PS... Linda-- Yes Valley Vet does farm calls but not for gelding operations anymore. I had ask them if I had to bring Tango to them or if they came to him, they told me they don't do farm calls to do a casteration. And Susanne is right, they are cheap. The whole thing cost me $150 and he stayed two nights where they provided the feed and water.

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