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Nov 4, 2021
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Morning all we have to 3 year old Shetland ponies and this morning we have found one collapsed in their field😞
To be honest I thought he had passed away but I managed to pull him to the front of his shelter and he came around again.

He is conscious now but won’t stand up. Is anyone aware of any seasonal illness that could cause this?

We are trying to get hold of our vets but they are all out at jobs so won’t be able to attend yet.

Thanks In advice
I'm sorry to hear this has happened. Has his condition changed get any since you posted?

Where do you live? Diseases can vary country to country.

What is your weather like? Any storm last night? Is there a tree or post near when you found him? My first thought would be that he ran head on into a post/tree and was knocked out.

He could have had an aneurysm that burst. I know someone who just lost a 3 year old mare that way--fine in the evening, in very bad shape next morning, collapsed and died a short time later as they were trying to medicate her.
Hi the vets came out and said his guns were very red but probably due to the fact he hasn’t been able to move overnight. We are in the uk

The vet wants to put him down but we have carried him into the garage and tucked him in for the night and if he is no better in the morning will have to have him put down.

Just so weird he will eat but can stand up at all and just falls to one side.

Trouble is he can’t wee or poo so I guess this is dangerous in itself.

Looks like I am in for a long night

Thanks for the reply’s everyone
What comes to mind for me when he cannot stand but is eating--rat lungworm. Apparently it is now widespread in the UK. That would account for the inability to stand, but I don't know if it would account for him being unable to poo or pee.

Otherwise--do you have poison hemlock growing there?
Hi I am not aware of any new plants, there are oak trees near by but the ponies have been on the same bit of land for several years now with no issues.

Sorry what I meant with poo and wee is he is unable to go as he can’t stand up, I am right in thinking this also is also dangerous for the pony? Really don’t know what to do for the best!
just to let you know our Pony passed away last night but he was at least in the warm garage.

Thanks for all the useful advice we have received on here unfortunately we have decided to rehome our other Shetland as we feel it will be better for him to be in the company of other horses and on a larger paddock.
Oh no, I’m so sorry. How sad. What a hard decision to have to make about your other pony too, maybe you could get him a friend instead of rehoming? Wishing you the best ♥️
We did think about it but to be honest I’m really concerned that the land our ponies are on may have contributed in some way.
The ground is very muddy and there is also an oak tree on the boundary.
A new start for our remaining pony with big horses to play with 🥹

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