Well, so much for non-horsey husbands

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Nov 30, 2002
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I swear I won't bore you so much after this. I just thought this was so funny, I couldn't resist and had to share.

I think Jerry's been smitten don't you?

I"ve overheard him telling a work man that he's enjoying Timmy so much that he wants a whole bunch of little foals now! Do you think we'll make good parents?

He came home from work and went right out to the barn and we began to tackle Timmy's feet. He has been walking on his pasturns and we got a rasp and some directions and it was amazing just how a little bit of trimming that pointed toe off began to pop him right on up quite a bit on his feet. We believe that it could possibly be a selinium deficiency or that he was in fact a premie, or both. We plan to do a little rasping on the toe once a week until he's where he should be.

I must admit that he comes right on up now to get his halter on.....sticks his little nose right in the hole for you. Picked up his little feet easily and stood like a pro.


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That last photo of Jerry crawling around is a CLASSIC!

Yep, I think he's smitten.....

Those pictures are precious! Especially the last one.

Marty, I had a long discussion with my vet about selenium deficiency. I am going to start giving my expectant mares selenium shots 30 days prior to their due date. For the very reason you are saying. I hate giving the babies a shot right out of the womb and have not been doing it but have heard several around the area having great success with nice strong legged babies after giving the mare a shot. It stays in the system only a short time, about 60 days, and it will carry over to the foal this way as well. My vet totally agreed and we will start next spring with this routine.

Those pictures put a big smile on my face. Jerry is as cute as Timmy. I just love them! Does he know we are all taking a look?
Marty, I just have to say that you and your hubby are just the best. What wonderful people you are and what a loving home you give to your prancers. May all of my babies end up in such loving homes as yours!!!!! And give that little Timmy and Holly and all the rest a kiss for me.
AWWWWWW, that is just too cute. Yep your Hubbie is a goner. He is IN LOVE Im afraid.
Those pictures and captions are sOOOOOO Cute, Marty:)

Susan O.
He's a goner. Better watch it or he will have you buying more mares to breed to Nick. Hope the other mare mare is pregant for next year.

Timmy sure is cute little guy. Best of luck with him.

Isn't is great when our husbands completely "cave in" to these little horses! I too have caught my husband in the act of being completely overwhelmed by a bunch of foals from time to time - I never let on that I have seen him - I keep it my little secret since he thinks he has one from me

He is hooked, glad your husband is enjoying Timmy as much as you. He is a cutie and love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Yep! All it takes is a fuzzy baby to turn my non horsey husband into a great big muuush! He kind of "likes" the adults ok, wouldn't miss them if they left but loves the babies.
Hey Marty

Please keep the stories coming. I love to read them. I come on and look for your

post and for lots of pictures. Yep, I to think Jerry is gotten the bug -- baby bug.

Aren't they just so much fun. I think the last picture should be enter in that contest

photo one, that so many people do -- Equiste.com

I think that is it. If not I know someone on here can give it to you.

Wishing you, Jerry, Holly, boys, and Timmy the best

Yup, he's a goner. On his hands and knees in a paddock, yup, def def def definitely a goner. Better get Nick busy next year! Now get them thar horses together as a herd!
Marty tell Jerry good job for me
..those are terrific pictures...and Timmy and his Mom are just the cutest things...so is Grandpa..