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Lisa-Ruff N Tuff Minis

we had both a steward and a judge here today for some hardshipping into AMHR i think there was 6 horses done total.. a couple other forum members and i had my rescue mare done.. she measured in at 37.25 a perfect height for me so now just to send it all in and she is a true mini
Gee Leese I always knew you were special! And boy how lucky for you to get all those people over there too. I can imagine what a good time you all had.

Now you just made an offical mini out of a rescue..What a lucky little gal.....what did you name her?

Yep I was there too my mare Misty (also a rescue) was officially measured at 34 1/2 and we all had a bunch of fun at Lisa's.....now I just have to find the rest of the money needed and send in the paperwork

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