We went to our first show and won some ribbons.

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May 17, 2007
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I took my yearling filly to her first show and she won a few ribbons. We had a great time. I would love to start displaying our ribbons in our barn so our boarders, etc. can see them. I'm afraid they will get dirty though. Does anyone display their ribbons in their barn??
I think star lake tack makes Ribbon bears, they look nice ..i've never had one made personally but look nice. I know someone a while back made a ribbon pillow, cannot remember exactly who.

My ribbons are "somewhere" "someplace" ...i really do not know. I think they are in the laundry room in boxes but i just dont know.

Im going to start donating my ribbons back, at the area II meeting this past weekend we went over show expenses and the cost for ONE SHOW in ribbons was $1,700
. Donate
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we are going to decorate our barn with them and hang them up above all the stalls and then cover with a sheet of plastic stapled over them. Lisa D did this in her barn and it looked great!
These are my daughters ribbons from when she was a youth showing her stallion Relic she's pushing her 30's and Relic is l think 17 this year. l nailed the ribbons to the wall stuck up 2x4's from pellets and screwed a sheet of plexi glass to them...no dust or bugs get in and they've been hanging in the tack room for the past 15 years. Most of the ribbons now are donated back to the club except for the grands/reserves supremes and judges choice...up here red is first blue second.

each time we go to a show

I do an 8x10 picture with awards


an info on the horses shown and the show its self

and take a picture of the ribbons (which I put away in a box)

and any trophies or items won at the show I take pics of also

and put them all on one 8x10 with the date

and on the bottom I print the classes / judges and placings and points with # of horses in the class

I get behind working on them each year and catch up in the winter

I just have them all framed in cheaper but nice frames and one day when we move

i'll have a wall to hang them all in my barn office

I usually just copy the points and placings on a copy machine then add the part in the pic here which is why the bottom is blank

I think its a nice way to remember the day

Congratulations on your ribbons!!!

I don't display mine in the barn (don't have a fancy barn and they'd get dirty). I display mine in the sunroom that serves as a home office, in my bedroom, and in my office suite at work.



I have over 500 ribbons in a box some where. A couple of years ago, I started donating the ribbons back to the shows as I didn't see a need to keep collecting them and storing them in a box.

So, now the only ones I keep / display anymore are Champion & National ribbons.
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