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Nov 30, 2002
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[SIZE=14pt]Just wanted to show pics of my two yearlings just playing together. So much talk about thin young horse, to expect that they will go thru the gawky stage but that doesnt necessarily have to be true. Here are my two yearlings one a mare one a gelding and I think they have pretty good butts and chests for youngsters and no pot bellies. I really attribute that to what they eat.[/SIZE]

Thanks for letting me share.




I think they are both beautiful!!! They both look great to me!!!

They are very pretty!

What do you feed them to make them look in such good shape?
[SIZE=14pt]Jessica, they both eat 6 cups of 10% fat 10% protein sweet feed, a cup of dry beet pulp twice a day with a pound and a half of alfalfa cubes. In the mornings they get 1/4 c flax, BOSS,and Sunshine supliment and in the evening the Strongid C daily wormer.[/SIZE]

They both look great!

It is fascinating to me to watch them grow and develop, and how much they can change from the somewhat gawky yearling to begin to fill out and achieve their ultimate growth as a two and three year old. It is like they are fulfilling their master genetic plan from their moment of creation into old age.
Just a question about feeding alfalfa cubes. Do most of you soak them first? It seems to me (new to minis) they might be a bit hard for the youngsters to chew and I'd worry about them choking on it. Just curious.
I agree Lyn. Linda was just here to trim and really liked how Halley is turning out as a yearling. No gawkies for her either. Love your kids!
[SIZE=14pt]I feed my cubes dry. The weaners get alfalfa forrage tho till they are a year old.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]I think they are looking good!!! I really like the mare especially. Her face markings are so unique, but I'm a Howie fan, too. To my eyes, they look pretty mature for yearlings! Destiny does too to my eyes. It's kind of stunning how fast they can look grown up.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]They get out to play with each other in a 50x100 dry lot for a couple hours each day. Right now for nationals the bay and white mare is going so we are free lounging her M W F for 10 minutes, 5 each way. The rest of the time they just exercise themselves. Howie gets no round pen work at all. The only reason indy is is because I feel she is a bit jiggly.[/SIZE]

They both look great Lyn. Good luck at Nationals. Walt and our trainer and friend Arlene Foulk will be there.
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[SIZE=14pt]We will miss you Fran![/SIZE]

Gosh Lyn,

They are both gorgeous!!!!

It looks like you have an awesome feeding program!

Good luck at the Nationals!! You will do great!!!
[SIZE=14pt]very lovley!!I like the one with the black racoon eye!!![/SIZE]
They look great Lyn
....but WOW
...[SIZE=14pt]12 cups [/SIZE]of sweetfeed a day! I'm amazed that you feed that much sweet feed with no problems. To me...that just seems like an awful lot of sweet feed for one mini.
BUT.....I'm a firm believer that if it works for you, don't fix it!

Here is my "yearling" MayZ. I pulled her from the field & took her to her first show yesterday. She just gets 4 cups of Purina Jr. pellets a day, and besides some hay & grazing...no other suppliments. No belly here either.
Just want to show others that there is no ONE feeding program that gives you these results. Horses are all different & will respond differently to feeding programs. Thru trial & error, you will usually find what works for YOUR horse.

(she did great, btw.....she took a 2nd & 3rd in a large yearling class, and two seconds in multi-color!)

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[SIZE=14pt]Dona Mazy looks great too. I agree no one feeding program works for everyone..... This is just what works for me with my horses. They average between 4-6 cups twice a day but my horses also get NO pasture grazing or hay at all. That does make a difference too.[/SIZE]

I will say tho that MANY underfeed their yearlings and thats where the no chest or butt and potbelly come from. It is not just a rite of passage to go thru that gawky stage. Doesnt have to happen.


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