Wanna Know How Useless "No-Chew" Is?

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May 16, 2006
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London, ON
So I've had to do some moving around in the barn, horse-wise, in preparation for my new guy that's coming. Teddy is now in Addison's old stall. On the door of the stall is a ledge -bottom of the "window"-. The wood is a softer wood and Addison went through a period where she chewed the crap out of it; she almost chewed her way out -not really-. Teds is quite the chewer. His BIG old stall had really hard wood and was virtually indestructible. Well, after cleaning out the stall and disinfecting it I moved Teddy in. He immediately started chewing the crap out of the door. So I spray No-Chew on it. HE STARTS LICKING IT!
Time to get out some hot pepper flakes and rub them all over it LOL.
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Yep ...did'nt work for me in the past either. Might as well just taken my money and flushed it.
What worked for me was Irish Spring soap. Just taking the dry bar and rubbing it on the wood worked wonders. Of course if yo're outdoors with this problem you have to reapply after a good rain.
We had similar results with the Chew Stop spray, smelled nasty, stunk up the whole barn. Didn't work the horses chewed right through it. Tried the Irish Spring Soap, works nicely.

Boy, I'm glad I read this post! I hadn't thought of Irish Spring for the 'beavers'. We do use Irish Spring to get rid of gophers.

I have a no chew product (can't think of the name) that works pretty good for me. I tried Irish Spring soap and my chewers liked it. :DOH!
My fat gelding Speedy thought it was a condiment!!!

Only thing that helps with him is cayanne pepper sprinkled over cooking spray. I have jumps set up in the paddock and he thought they were rather tasty till i sprayed them with pam and sprinkled the Cayanne pepper on while still wet .

No Chew must be seasoned with molasses LOL - mine go right after it too. Used to use Irish Spring, it does work just has to be reapplied pretty often. Best solution I found was just lots of hay......but they now have the bellies to prove it. :DOH!

I haven't used Irish Spring but do use Dove bar soap once in awhile. Our horses get plenty of hay & generally don't chew a lot. However, every now & again they'll have a spell where they pick a board & really go to town chewing on it. I'll rub Dove on it & that deters them quite well.
I use a fly spray called Ce-Em-Die put out by "Rockland". It's a livestock/dairy fly spray. It smells REALLY bad (like kerosene or something) but it is the only fly spray that i've found that REALLY works around here. it's oil based and just plain old works and is cheap. Anyways the kid up the road had a bottle of my stuff and she experimented and sprayed it on her stall walls where her mare was chewing very badly and she said it worked. Now i haven't had a chance to try ti myself but i would bet it works as bad as it smells plus i bet it would stay with the wood since it's an oil based product.

you can buy it by the gallon for like $20.00 or i bought a 5 gallon bucket but can't remember how much it cost.
Hmm, didnt know about the Irish Spring thing.. will have to try that! We used to have wood corrals on the ranch and they were painted with used oil from a vehicle's oil change. They cant stand the smell and never touched them!

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