WAHHHHHH Ally killed my Double K's!!!

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Aug 20, 2003
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OMG, I have had the busiest of busy lives lately, I am clipping for the show at the last possible minute...Ally first because she goes on the first day at Oregon Gold. She is freezing even with heat lights and the barn closed up, dancing around...steps on the cable and yanks it out of the head. I can't figure out how to put it together!!! I am so sad...I still have three to clip, I am heading back out right now at 11 p.m. to at least do a couple bodies with my old A-5's. They are all eating right now so I came in to get a drink (non-alcoholic, though I must say I would like something STRONGER right now!) I think my cable is broken. booohhoooohooo. Wah!!!! I know I am going to have fun at the show. Right? That is why we do this. To have fun. RIGHT??????????????

:arg! :arg! :arg!
Nikki, you saved my bacon!!! I just finished rough clipping 2 more bodies, will go over them with the fine blade at the show. So far I have one fully clipped, two bodies clipped with a 10 wide, and one to go before taking them to Patty's for transport tomorrow night. PHEW! Fun! YEAH! LOL
Amy, you should have called! You know my Double K's are sitting here doing nothing for a few more days....

That is the exact reason why I want a back up pair. Just got to save up enough to buy some one day! I've had the rotator part inside die on me during my last clip. Managed to get it to work, but it was horrible! Very stressful!!! :DOH!
Are you saying the cable separated from the actual hand held portion? If that's the case, they're supposed to do that. If it happens to you again, just turn the clipper on the slowest setting and pop it back together.

They made the head separate-able (??) so you can interchange it with the hoof polisher.
my mare did the same thing.. i'm guessing you just need a new ball and clip to go on it (little black half ring that locks the ball in).

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