Vicky's First Day Outside

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Jan 6, 2022
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Edon, Ohio
I took Kacie out first and hooked her fast to a fence post so she wouldn't follow me back to the stall. I put a lead on Vicky but going thru the open gate was frightening to her. It took a while to get her out into the sun. After she was out for about a minute then she followed me running the chair backward out and thru the gate. I took this video and when I started back to the house Vicky took of running. I hurried back ant took about a five minute video. When I went to view it I discovered I had forgot to remove the lens cap. I went back out but she had her sprinting over.
I wish I had someone to video my taking them back to the barn. It was text book. Vicky came right up to me and I clipped on a lead. I picked up the rope I had on Kacie and sort of ponied Vicky back using the chair in reverse back to the barn like it was a regular routine. Having their heads side by side there was not one bit of resistance. This was the first for this as well. The work in the pen with Vicky paid off big time. When I finished chores Vicky was stretched out sound a sleep.

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