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Feb 17, 2004
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I'm deciding between fluvac innovator 5 and prestige v with havlogen. Can't find any difference between them but wondering if one is safer, more effective, or lasts longer. Thoughts?
More people seem to have reactions with Ft Dodge vaccines (Fluvac innovator is ft dodge), so I'd probably go with the Prestige V with havlogen (I don't think I've ever had a bad reaction with this company).
I agree with Chanda, I have had swelling, hives and mild tremors in youngsters and oldies with ft. Dodge vaccines. We also had mares abort after using their EHV vaccine. I like prestige, I have never had bad reactions with them and I find they are more competitively priced than the Ft Dodge products.
I agree.Quit using FT Dodge many years ago-too many bad reactions.I'm not sure they are even now-may have been bought out by another drug company.I have used Prestige for several years-no bad reactions.
I'd like to say that I recommend not to use the combos at all. I learned to NOT give Miniature Horses the "Combo" shots, it is too much for their systems. Some companies in the fine print even warn against it's use on ponies. Also DO NOT give West Nile to Miniatures in their first trimester of pregnancy and make sure your breeding stallions are inoculated at least 3 months prior to breeding season.

On Miniature Horses if you need to give, as an example, EE/T and WN (Double or Triple Encephalomylitis, Tetanus and West Nile) Give your EE/T in one side of the neck or buttocks one week, then give the West Nile separately A WEEK LATER in the other side. OR if you use EE/F/T Give it in 2 shots, EE/F then a couple days later give the T and wait and then give WN.
I agree with Debbie. Most "one size fits all" vaccines are over kill. I like the simple tetanus, flu and rhino shot. That is all I give my guys. Only when WNV is prevalent do I vaccinate as a few of mine do not handle it well and some years, there are no infected mosquitoes found by DEP. I also think that a show horse has very different vaccination needs than a broodmare and than a back yard pet. It seems safer to pick the right one for the individual horse, rather than over vaccinate with a combo. I think owners should always consult the vet about vaccinations year to year because things change. My vets are up to date on the latest news of outbreaks and reports from DEP. They do not charge me to answer questions over the phone and they are honest, not the type to over sell you on things you do not really need. If you do not have a good local vet, you can always call the state veterinarian as it is part of their job to help the public. It is unsafe and expensive to over vaccinate. Many of the vaccines labeled "back yard horse" are more than sufficient as they just cover the basics. And yes, Bevann is correct, I see now that Pfizer now makes fluvac innovator vaccines.
I prefer not to use Ft. Dodge, but now have only two to vaccinate, so ordering from Jeffers is no longer an option, as all of the mail-order outfits now 'require' that you pay a sizable fee for second day air with ANY amount of vaccines that cost less than $250 or so total. The area's only reliable vet supply store ONLY carries Ft. Dodge, which IS now owned by Pfizer, so....this year I am trying a 'new-to-me'combo shot...E,W,T, and WN. My horses are stay-at-home, mature. I actually skipped vaccinations altogether last year, but with a wetter summer forecast, I don't wish to 'push my luck',and there HAVE been cases of WN in my state in recent years. I won't bother with flu or rhino unless I decide to take them to an overnight show where they would need to stall or be in a large group of houses in close quarters. I never opted for the 'maximum' multi shots, but am OK with trying out this particular 4-way. I do take them to the vet for Rabies shots.
We have used the FD vaccines (E/W/T and some years the combo shot that includes WN--we do not vaccinate for flu/rhino other than the pneumabort K for bred mares) and have not had any bad reactions. It is often the only vaccine we can get here. After two years of adverse reactions from Merial vaccines --I prefer FD.
We've avoided Ft. Dodge for many many years. We use Prestige V and have never had a problem.
I am a little late to the party but I too use the Prestige V and have never had any reactions. Happy vaccinating!
We just used the Prestige V on our babies and biggies last week with zero reaction, not even a sore butt which pleased me to no end.

Reminds me, time for the booster for the babies.

Next $800 we scrape together and another 2 10 dose vials for the rest of the minis.

I vaccinate in the butt now, firm believer in that since those muscles are moving and distribute the vaccine faster. Since I started that, I haven't had trouble.
Thanks all! I was leaning toward Prestige V and did so with no problems and it seems to be a quality vaccine as well.

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