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Mar 10, 2004
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If a mare has a uterine infection can the stallion bred to her pass that on to another mare?
[SIZE=14pt]Yes absolutely![/SIZE]

Okay, 'nother question. Okay two. :)

Let's say that 2 out of 5 mares didn't catch last year and one of those mares was recently tested and has a uterine infection. They other, bred last July, didn't go into heat until this spring so I am thinking she reabsorbed.

Do I need to have all the girls tested before I try to breed them?

Will the stallion pass this on even if there are days/weeks between mares?

I just saw the vet today but these questions didn't occur to me until after 5 p.m.
[SIZE=14pt]Depending on what the culture comes back, i would have both mares flushed and also ask the vet about an antibiotic for the stallion. He could harbor the bacteria.[/SIZE]

Thanks....the vet knows I'm breeding and she didn't say a thing about that.

They didn't give me the name of it, but vet said that the good news is that they can use just about anything on it because it responds well to everything.

I will talk to them tomorrow.
Okay one more...

The vet said to treat 1st mare for infection it would require 2-5 nights there and could cost over $100 per day. Is this usual??
I had 2 mares with infections. The vet said it is best to treat them while they are in heat. Just makes it easier to put the antibiotic right into the uterus. This is a repro specialist vet. Repro is ALL she does. She said if they are in heat it normally takes about 3 doses interuterine to clear it. The other options is an oral or shot of antibiotics but the interuterine is faster. She said the treatment would be about $150/mare total.

One of my mares was being bred when we did the culture. She recommended finishing the breeding incase it came back negative. It came back positive for ecoli but the mare has not come back in heat. We are now going to do an ultrasound do see what the fluid looks like around the fetus and treat accordingly.

I believe she said the ecoli isn't infectious.
[SIZE=14pt]E colli is a normally found intestinal bacteria. It is comon to find it in mares with a tipped vulva where manure can get into it. It isnt infections to others but can cause problems in the mare. Sometimes if the tip is severe enough they will do a caslik suture to close the vulva.[/SIZE]


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