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Jul 28, 2007
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Southern Indiana
Nick is such a sweet little guy. He comes right over to us and lets us put a halter

right on him. He also leads quite well. He is a very sociable horse and loves to be

around people.

He is really getting settled in and is comfortable in his new home. He whinnied alot

that first night, but once he got into his own shelter, drylot and pasture area where he

could see, hear, and at least be close to the others; he has been quite happy. We did

go ahead and put him on a pelleted feed for foals. We also wormed him today.

Nick wanted to be right there checking everything out while John was fixing up his

door to his shelter and dry lot so he can come and go to the pasture during the day.


Also here is a nice close up head shot of Nick.

Now I remember your post...something was pulling at the memory banks :DOH!

He's got himself a great home now, hope you have a lot of great times together. He's a cutie!
Aawww it looks like you have made him a great little home. He looks very happy. Congrats on you new little guy and have fun.

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