UPDATE - Missing Fillies in OK

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Dec 2, 2002
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Norman, Oklahoma
Hi All

Wanted to update everyone. Been busy. Jan contacted the TV stations last night and gave my number as a POC. We did get one Station to run a story on the fillies. It was run as a live feed at 6 pm and again with a longer segment this evening at 10 pm.

Jan is staying to close contact and I have contacted most of the locale weekly sales barns that I know of.

Keep them in your prayers. Jan won't be back until Tuesday at the earliest.

Will keep you posted if we hear any news.

Thanks for the update, Davie. I told one of the feed stores that I go to about them and the owner made a note of it. He has a HUGE clientel from all over the state, so maybe that will turn up something??

I sure hope those fillies are found soon!
Thanks for the update! I told my feed store also thinking it's in the country and small, they might prefer that to a large place. He made note also. Also, while I was at the vet hospital, told them. Both places took down descriptions.

Sure hoping the girls get returned home!!!

This is so very scarey!!! I hope and pray they are found SOON...

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