Underbite in foal, can it correct?

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Apr 8, 2005
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My mare foaled at 387 days gestation and my little filly was born with quite an underbite. At first it was off by almost an inch and her tongue would stick out, she is 2 1/2 weeks old now and it is less than 1/4" off. Is there a chance that it will completely correct? I also noticed when she was first born her nostrils were more on the top of her face and now they look normal. Just curious if this all could be from a "tight fit" inside mommy.
I am no expert on miniatures, but common sense tells me that babies are not born with solid bones. They do not have completely closed cartlige, etc. because of the birthing process. So I would say if the nostrils and the underbite is already corrected to 1/4" then I would say you will be fine as the baby grows.

In my ponies I know between 6 months old and a two years old I can see the underbite lengthening and shortening as their skulls grow. I was pretty freaked out last fall as all my then yearlings were off a bit. But now everyone is even again.

Just my observations.
A long gestation and a foal with an underbite suggests to me congenital hypothyroidism. Both are symptoms of the condition. Foal may or may not have had a noticeable goiter. I would look at my horses' feeding program to see if there is a possibility of mineral (iodine) deficiency and high nitrates in the feed or water. Perhaps this isn't an issue in your case, but better to be safe than sorry, especially if you have more foals due or if you are planning to rebreed your mare for next year.
Two years ago, I had a pony foal born that was HUGE!!! She was born with a large underbite. It must have been due to being such a large foal crowded into her mom because by 6 weeks her bite was normal and has been ever since.

Hopefully, that is the case with your foal.
I have seen foals with huge underbites correct to perfect with time.

I've also seen foals with perfect bites go hugely OFF with time.

So...to answer your question....yes! Your babies off-bite could very well be due to a tight fit in Momma.

Especially if it has already corrected that much. But it could be due to other factors as well. Whether or not it will end up with a perfect bite as an adult is anyone's guess tho. :DOH!
Thank you everyone. My vet checked out mom and baby and said not to worry but you know how that goes.
I will just watch and see what happens. She is such a loving little stinker! I hope all corrects for her.

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