UGG what a learning curve!

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Dec 2, 2002
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Ugg! Is there anyone else who sometimes feel totally overwhelmed with technology sometimes?

I am trying to figure out what all makes my camera tick, and honestly I sometimes feel that I should just go back to the point and shoot days of cameras instead of using the new dslr that I have.

Of course I just "had" to upgrade my older Nikon D100 camera to a new Nikon D300 because I am leaning more and more into night photography and the D100 sensor creates too much noise, but let me tell you this.... The new Nikon D300 is one big technological wonder!

For some stupid reason it doesn't want to always focus where I want it to, but I think there may be a setting that is controling that which allows it more freedom to interpret the whole scene. Sigh.... I didn't think I would have to go back to college and get a degree to operate this thing! But on the plus side, it sure beats the old D100 on capabilities, especially on the color rendition and the lack of noise, and when the picture comes out in focus as I think it should be, then WOW
... The colors just POP!

Anyone else out here using the D300? And if so, what are your impressions with it?

Here are 2 pictures that I took at the zoo on April 13. I did absolutely NO exposure correction or color corrections and the only alteration to the pictures are the text for my copyright and of course scaling the picture down to put on the web! And they are just as sharp in the full size as they are scaled down. I think I will go back this weekend to play more as I feel I should have a few dozen pictures like these 2. (The rest were less than what I would say are good, and well, honestly, the cages and plexiglass are NOT my freind anyway!)

This first one is of a bald eagle and was taken with a chain link fence between the camera and the bird. The camera did a fantastic job of hiding the fence that was right in front of the camera lense. If you know what you are looking for, there is the slight bluryness that is caused by the chain link "dissappearing", but I am not going to say where
other than the background is not it!


This one is of the tiger that was lazy and sleeping in the sun. He picked up his head and just sort of looked at me and it was like he was saying "Can't you just leave a guy sleep in peace?"

Those are awesome Nila!

Yup, looks like kitty be grumpy LOL
Beautiful Pictures!!! Give yourself time with the new camera. I'm sure you'll get it figured out!!

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