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Jun 27, 2004
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Lakeport, CA
Interested persons want to know!

Oh, we had a pretty good show!!! I will do a full write-up a little later, but I will give you a little teaser...someone in my barn had a VERY VERY VERY good show, and someone I was traveling with had an even better one!!!

And me being me, you know for sure that I had to figure out some way to put on a performance that will be remembered by all for years to come.
Must be TWO Amy's on here ???? -- cause I wasn't there LOL
I will let Amy brag on her own, but just to let you know everyone had a great weekend and the weather warmed up and was very pleasant. No snow........

We rolled in this am, about 2:30. Got about 3 hours of sleep before rising to go to work....

We had a great weekend. Took 14 horses and all placed very well. Just a short recap.....

Our Modern Pleasure filly, co owned with Lance & Betsy Hamley of Wild Haven Farm, took Reserve Grand under all three judges and Julie's mare Blondie won the Grand, it was well deserved. She is beautiful.

Our clients and partners in crime, Wild Haven Farm, Lance & Betsy Hamely came home with a Champion of CHampion on thier colt Wild Haven's a Chance to Dream, who is by our stallion Sundance LB Extreme of THR out of a mare we sold them Easterbrooks Manana Gloriosa. Eddie is Arenosa related and Osa is 50%. This is the first foal from thier new breeding program and boy are they proud.

Betsy also won the Ammy Hi Pt in Modern Pleasure.

Our driving horses took many top honors and had fabulous drives. I even got one of the owners to hop in with her stallion and drive him around. She hasn't driven in over 10 years. She immediately went up and got her ammy card and we are now going to geld him and he will be her new driving horse....YEAH.

Her mare Mia went Grand in her class, and her little yearling colt placed Champion in his Junior class.

The gelding Over, LMH Hot Gossip of THR also participated in the Champion of Champion class and his new owner was very proud of her boy.

Overall, all of the horse that we exhibited exceeded our expactations. The weather up here has all of us behind in clipping and conditioning. Our horses were all clipped a few days prior to the show, but by the time we were ready to show, many had to be reclipped.... this cold weather just won't let up and boy does the pig hair come in fast.....

It was alot of fun to see the gang again and it sure makes the winter seem far away when you can sit down and just have fun with horse show friends. Can't wait for the next show......

HMMMM, what can it mean? What did Ally do? What did Amy do?

This is the ONLY photo I took at the show. Let me tell you, if you have one performance horse and three halter horses, and you are not traveling with a helper, you are going to be a very, very busy person! THANK YOU TO NICKI (MiniNik) AND SYNDI AND CINDY MORRIS FOR HELPING, I would never have gotten it done without you!!!

So I suppose you would like to know why Miss Ally is wearing the caution tape.

For the first time ever, Oregon Gold decided to hold a judged and timed cones event. I did not go in the novice division, because Ally and I have done pretty well in the cones section of CDE for quite some time. As I was standing there talking with Maureen about how the novice class had gone, she said there were a lot of time faults for people going so slow. She said, "I wish someone would canter the course!" I jumped in and volunteered immediately for the task. Never mind we have never done such a thing before, but we have indeed cantered in harness this winter. Just no cones and canter at the same time. Well, you only live once, right?

Let me tell you, we did not canter the course. We did it at a flat run. Ally was packin' the mail, so to speak. We made it through the first 6 or 7 cones before I got lost on course, forgetting that I could return to a trot once we started at the higher speed. I got re-associated, and we took down a couple balls. A little further down on course we dropped another. Then we came around the corner at high speed, and started the weave cones. We were leaving rooster tails! I was driving it like a marathoner, leaning in to the turns to balance the cart. "She's on one wheel!" I heard later that I was, but I didn't feel it. Ally wove in and out, skillfully changing leads as necessary. Oh my GOSH, we were havin' us some fun! We came in to the home stretch and once again got discombobulated. Ally jumped a cone, and I drove over it. From what I hear, it flew into the air behind us. Ally found another gear, and we flew over the finish line as the crowd cheered us on! We finished the course in 1:39 with 12 faults (4 knockdowns out of 20 gates). It was quite exhilarating!
I think I need me a chariot!!! We came in 6th and last due to our knockdowns, though we were fast on time. I went out when they called me as 6th, and they said, no ribbon for 6th...I said well then we have to take a victory lap! And off we went again, accidentally taking out another cone in the process. Which earned me my new nickname, ConeSlayer. LOL!

The next day I was in my dressing/groom room with Esprit, concentrating hard on making him beautiful for his classes. As I sat there in my reverie, I heard the announcer say, "Amy Lacy, you are needed in your stall area." I sang out, "I'm here! Who needs me???" No one answered. I pulled back the curtain to check out what was going on, and saw the yellow caution tape all over the stall. I immediately thought, "Oh No! What did Ally do to my filly???" They are stabled together. I raced across the aisle, and looked inside. The filly was just fine, but Ally had a big yellow caution tape bow around her neck. The culprits peeked around the corner with gales of laughter. They had pulled off this stunt with me not 12' away from them behind a curtain, and I hadn't noticed a thing! The funny thing is, they didn't know I was there, so they didn't even try to be sneaky and quiet! Those nutty CDE people...you know I fit right in with that crowd of goofballs!!!

Results-wise, we did very, very well. Ally was solid, and did extremely well in her halter obstacle classes in particular. Between the Ammy and Open classes, she took firsts five times out of six possible. A very good girl! My little filly Tru Colors won a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th out of 5 in the open class, after I had made a big mistake and just had to finish clipping her that morning. She was very tired. I just love that little gal, she is so beautiful! I can't WAIT to start driving that one someday. In Ammy we got a 2nd and two 3rds out of 4 competitors. Sensation was only in two classes, and he looked pretty but there were more "mature" looking colts in the class. Right now, that kid is all legs and angles. The colt classes were very competitive and there was not one horse in there that I wouldn't love to own myself. He was a very good boy, and that is really all that counts at this point.

THE BEST PART OF THE SHOW BY FAR, was Esprit! He was outstanding! We got two Champion and one Reserve in Sr. Stallions, then went on to win a Reserve Grand and a GRAND CHAMPION!!!! I was just ecstatic...Syndi handled him (beautifully, I will add!) for me in some of his classes, but when we went in for Grand it was just he and I. I felt like I was dreaming the best possible dream! He is truly "my baby," I have owned him since he was 5 days old and have done all of the training, conditioning, and grooming myself. I just adore him, and feel like such a kid when I am winning like that with him.

I WON THE AMATEUR HI POINT FOR THE OVER DIVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D I got a beautiful blanket inscribed with the honor. Very exciting, as I didn't expect it at all!!!

My friend, Sandee (Cassidy) Butler owns the horse SMHC Magnifico, who won BEST IN SHOW!!! She and I were carpooling it down there together, so I think you can imagine how that ride went! She won all kinds of wonderful loot, including a set of Double K clippers!

Once again, Oregon Gold proves that it is one of the best and biggest shows in the Region. Diane and her show crew put on an excellent show with tons of nice touches that made it personal and fun. Thanks to Diane, if she ever reads this forum. The show is awesome, and I will definitely be back AGAIN next year. It has been great both years I have gone.

If you have read this far, congratulations for making it to the end of one of the longest posts ever on Lil Beginnings! Thanks for letting me share my fun and my excitement. :D
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Great writeup Amy, but "longest post ever on LB??" I so have you beat! *LOL*
I do love those play-by-plays and that picture of the ConeSlayer is great.
I can't believe there were only six horses in the open cones class, I could cry when I think of the fantastic flying lead changes Kody was showing in serpentines before his surgery this spring. That's it, we're doing at least dressage and cones at Happ's even if he's not up to marathon!

Staying home was definitely the right thing to do but next year I've got to find a way to go. The class list was incredible for this show and it sounds like both the prizes and the horses were too. I know Esprit looked fantastic when I saw him last! The other shows around here just can't compare.

Wow that was the BEST story!! I felt like I was at the show seeing you flying around, weaving, jumping cones lol etc!!

Sounds like you guys did GREAT!!

Thanks for sharing!!
Awww Amy!!!!!!!!!!!!! How totally awesome for you and Esprit!!!!!!!! THAT is a wonderful feeling! I know even though I only got a reserve at Sea Tac it was one of the best moments EVER! Congrats on all of you guys doing so well!!!!!!!
Congratulations on your show results, Amy!
I would have loved to you your timed cones event; It sounds like you had a blast!
Major congrats on the wins!!!

Wish I'd been there to see the cones......

Oh how exciting I am so sad that I couldnt have been there for your wins...It was just last year when we met there at Oregon Gold. Congrats Coneslayer.... *evil laughs*

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