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Feb 19, 2008
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May 30, 31 & June 1, 2008


Offering Four Judges officiating the following ASPC/AMHR Divisions

Classic Shetlands Over’s & Under’s - Modern - Modern Pleasure - ASPR

American Miniature Horse “A” & “B” Classes

Judge George Connor, Gaitlinburg, TN

2008 AMHR National Show Judge

Judge Sandra Curl, Vero Beach, FL.

2008 AMHR National Show Judge

Judge Ernest Lambdin, Homesworth, OH

Judge Lambdin will be our Modern judge in addition to the other divisions.

Judge Larry Thurber, East Concord, NY

2008 Congress & AMHR National Judge

Judge Thurber will be our Modern judge in addition to the other divisions.

Steward Roger Daulton, Urbana, OH

ASPC/AMHR Official Show Steward

Allison Daulton, Urbana, OH

Ring Master

Wayne Williams, Whitewater, WI

Show Announcer

Lea Dill, Walworth, New York

Show Manager – 315 986 3026 or [email protected]

Show Photographer Gerald Plock

“Gerald Plock Photography”

[email protected]

Saturday Night Huge Mardi Gras Parade & Exhibitor Party

Featuring a Live 70’s, Rock & Country Band

******** THE B.A.R BAND ********


Exhibitor Buffet and the Infamous Waterin Hole

An Hilarious Special Guest Appearance Sonny & Cher

Tunica Mississippi Arena & Exposition Center, Inc.

www.tunicaarenaexpo.com / 662 363 3299

3873 U.S. Highway 61 North

Tunica, Mississippi 38676-0639

Expo Directions: Just 20 miles South of Memphis located on Highway 61 North. The Tunica Arena and Exposition Center is ideally situated on a 204 acre site, north of downtown Tunica and just south of the national crossroads of Memphis. This location on U.S. Highway 61 makes the facility an added attraction to Tunica, the new and thriving gaming, entertainment and resort destination.

Micro Hotel: 2131 Casino Strip Blvd. MS. Ask for Pony Show Rate. Call 662 363 4747

Mardi Gras Coins: We are pleased to announce the “Exhibitors Rewards Program” in conjunction with our official show weekend tack vendor, Double TT Tack, Tracy & Terri Smith and the Sam’s Town Show is offering a Mardi Gras Coin Exchange. You have a choice; you can take a ribbon or a Mardi Gras Coin for your win in the show ring. For every Mardi Gras Coin you collect, your welcome to trade in your coin(s), which is worth 50 cent towards merchandise with Double TT Tack or put towards your show account bill for added classes and the extra’s.

Sponsorship Opportunities: We would like you to invite to participate in our sponsorship package program. We are looking for weekend show sponsors to help make this show an unforgettable event. We hope to secure enough sponsors for this show to have a fantastic party Saturday night with live entertainment. Sponsor information is enclosed with dated material, please consider your participation in this exciting program.

Arkansas Miniature Horse Society Show Advisory Committee:

Belinda Bagby, Terri Harrison, Vickie Tobin, Erica & Linda Killion.

General Rules, Requirements and Information:

1. Show Hours: The show will start promptly at 10:00 AM on Friday, 8:00 AM on Saturday and 9:00 AM on Sunday. Lunch and dinner breaks will be announced as warranted throughout the show weekend. Please note that this show cannot run after 11:30 PM unless the class in the arena entered the show ring prior to 11:30 PM. This class is allowed to finish out. Any classes that have not been held prior to the closing of the arena at 11:30 PM will be held the following morning.

2. General Conduct: Owners/agents/exhibitors will refrain from any act committed or remark made in connection with the competition considered offensive and/or made with intent to influence or cast aspersions on the character or integrity of the judging. Owners/agents/exhibitors may not approach the judge without first gaining permission from the ASPC/AMHR Steward. Owners/agents/exhibitors are expected to behave in a sportsmanlike manner; observing the rules of the sanctioned ASPC/AMHR competition and following the rules of the local show management. The Show manager reserves the right to arbitrarily settle all matters, questions and differences incidental to this show and to cancel or combine classes as circumstances warrant so long as said decision is in accordance with the show rules of ASPC/AMHR. Show management reserves the right to remove any horse owner, stable representative, agent, trainer, groom, or exhibitor from the show for inappropriate behavior without being liable for compensation.

3. Amateur Status: Copies of Amateur cards should be included with your entries. Any person entering an amateur class must show proof of amateur status with amateur number and current membership. A copy of your membership and amateur card must be included in your entries. An amateur card can be purchased day of show, in order to purchase an amateur card you must be a current member of ASPC/AMHR.

4. Youth Requirements: It is required that all youth exhibitors must wear protective headgear (Certified ASTM/SEI) in Roadster and Under Saddle Classes. Headgear harness must be secured and properly fitted. Any exhibitor may wear protective headgear (Certified ASTM/SEI) in any division or class without penalty from the judges.

5. New Entry Requirements: Copies of Current Horse’s Registration Papers, Current 2008 Amateur Card and/or 2008 Current Youth card & Entry Fee Check must be submitted with entries. Any entries received without required copies of the horse’s registration papers, amateur card and youth cards will be returned as incomplete entries. Any submissions dated after the pre-entry date will be considered late entries and charged late fees upon your arrival at the show. Checks must be included in entries and should be made payable to “Sam’s Town Show”. Mail to: Lea Dill, 3590 Baker Road, Walworth, New York 14568-9731. Questions regarding your entries or special needs requests please call (315) 986-3026 before 10:00 PM EST. Email: [email protected]

6. Check In: Check in will begin Thursday afternoon at 12:00 Noon. Measuring will begin on Thursday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM and will resume at 7:00 AM on Saturday and 8:00 AM Sunday. Each horse's current health papers and/or coggins will be checked at the show office where you will receive stall assignments and your measurement forms. You may then proceed to your stalls to unload. After unloading, you will need to take each horse with copy of registration papers to the ASPC/AMHR steward for measuring unless you are in possession of a current ASPC/AMHR measurement card that has already had its 2008 height verification measurement or a current 2008 60-day temporary card. Be sure to include a copy of the current 60-day measurement or permanent card with current year (2008) height verification with your entries for faster check-in service. Please check with the State of Mississippi Veterinarian Jim Watson (888-646-8731) for current Mississippi State health requirements.

7. Facility & Stalls: Stalls are located in a completely enclosed barn within close proximity of the arena. The stalls are permanent 10' x 10' solid stalls with full solid doors and rubber mat footing, electric outlets above stalls. Only one horse per stall with the exception of a mare & foal or two weanlings without mare. This is a facility rule with no exceptions. If early arrival or Sunday night layover is expected – please make arrangements with Show Management. Extra nightly stall fees apply at $15.00 per stall.

8. Shavings: Shavings can be pre-ordered and delivered to stalls prior to your arrival. Order shavings on entry form, additional shavings available for purchase through show office.

9. Group Stabling Request: Please use the request line on the entry form for stabling requests. All Individuals, Trainers, Owners, Family or Friends who are requesting to be stabled together need to submit their requests with entries. Individuals whose name is listed on the request line but does not submit entries before the pre-entry deadline may not be honored with the group-stabling request. It is highly recommended if you want group-stabling, that all parties involved send entries together in one envelop. If you have special needs and need special stalling locations near the arena, please make your request known at time of entry. Every effort will be made to accommodate special needs requests, but your entries must be in on time and paid for. It is recommended to call show manager with special requests.

Entry Fees: Per Entry dates listed on entry form.

Office Fee Per Horse $ 8.00 - Per Horse Fee

Late Office Fee Per Horse $ 16.00 - Late Fees - See Rules Section

Open /Amateur Classes $ 36.00 - Open Fees Apply to Youth Entering Open Classes

Youth $ 20.00 - Youth Entering Open Classes Must Pay Open Fees

For every Three Youth Classes Entered - Get One Free Class

Stall Fees $ 45.00 - One Horse per Stall with the Exception of Rule 7

Lay Over Fees $ 15.00 - Per Night, Make Arrangements with Show Manager

Shavings $ 7.50 - Pre-order Shavings on Entry Form

Camper Space $ 25.00 - Per Night Includes Water & Electricity

Vendor Space $125.00 - Per Show Weekend / Table & Chair Rental Extra

10. Entry Refund Policy: Refunds on entries will be considered after committee reviews the “Veterinarian’s Statement of Horse’s Inability to Show”. No refunds will be given on the “Office Per Horse Processing Fee, Reserved Stalls & Shavings”. All approved refunds will be mailed to the exhibitor.

11. Health Requirements by the State of Mississippi.

State of Mississippi Veterinarian Jim Watson (888) 646-8731

Equine infectious anemia test requirement for shows or sales:

1a. All equidae located on any premises within the state where the public participates in equine activities for any purpose, including, but not limited to, training, breeding, performing or exhibition shall be accompanied by the original copy of a negative current equine infectious anemia (EIA) test.

Equines entering Mississippi for any purpose must be accompanied by:

1b. An official interstate health certificate issued by a licensed accredited veterinarian, or state or federal veterinarian showing the name, breed, registration number, if any, tattoo or brand, if any, sex, age, color and markings of each horse listed on the certificate. Name of laboratory, laboratory number, date of test, and test results for each horse must be recorded on the health certificate.

2b. Record of physical examination of each animal, verifying animal to be free of symptoms of any infectious, contagious, or communicable disease.

3b. Officially recognized Equine Passport may be used in lieu of Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.

4b. An official copy of the official laboratory test for Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins test), certifying the animal to be negative to test within the past 12 months.

This Mississippi Statute:

1c. This Mississippi statute embodies the intent of the Legislature to encourage equine and livestock activities by limiting the civil liability of those involved in such activities. Statutory definitions are provided, including "participant," "inherent risks of equine or livestock activities," and who is considered an "equine or livestock professional." Liability is not limited by this statute where the equine professional knowingly provided faulty tack or equipment, failed to make reasonable and prudent efforts to determine the ability of the participant to engage safely in the equine or livestock activity, owns or otherwise is in lawful possession of the land or facilities upon which the participant sustained injuries because of a known, dangerous latent condition, or if he or she commits an act or omission that constitutes willful or wanton disregard for the safety of the participant or intentionally injures the participant. The statute also requires the visible displaying of warning signs that alert participants to the limitation of liability by law.

12. Area Equine Veterinarian Information:

Akin Equine Vet 24 Hour Vet Service - (901) 845 6773 or (662) 893 2546

Dr. Rick Vincent - (901) 652 4599 or (662) 562 9611

Dr. Jim Taylor - (901) 486 1015 or (662) 562 8151

Dr. Larry Mehr - (662) 349 0792 or (901) 483 1615

13. Adding Classes: All adding of additional classes must be made six classes in advance. You are not allowed to enter a class without adding the class at the show secretary’s desk. It is important to note that no one will be allowed into a class at the gate if not listed on the gatekeepers class sheet. It is strongly suggested that you review your exhibitor’s packet upon arrival. Check to see that you are entered in all classes requested with your entry form submission.

14. Scratched Class Policy: No refunds will be given on any scratched classes at show. Add/Scratch classes are allowed with no penalty fees. This is considered a “WASH” meaning you can scratch a class in exchange for adding a different class. Switching handlers and horses within the same class entered is allowed with no penalty fees.

15. Gate Rule: The two-minute gate rule will be in effect. The two-minute timing shall start when the last horse checked-in on deck for the class called, enters show arena gate.

16. Tack Change Requests: Requests must be given to the gate-person at least five classes prior to the tack change. The gate will be held for a maximum of five minutes for halter and/or handler changes. Cart & Harness changes/repair will be allowed a maximum of 10 minutes.

17. Arena PA System: Please note that the Arena PA System is a Courtesy not a requirement of the show. The show cannot guarantee the PA system to be reliable in any area of the Expo Center. The facility will do their utmost to provide a PA system to all areas of the facility. The exhibitor is responsible for getting to the gate and checking in for his or her class. Show management will not give refunds and/or rerun a class for any missed gate entries.

18. Vendor Policy: Anyone selling merchandise on the premises or out of stalls are subject to vendor fees. All table & chair rentals must be ordered through show manager.

19. Dogs: MUST be confined or on a leash at all times in the barn only. Dogs are not allowed inside the SHOW ARENA, no exceptions! No dog(s) shall be left unattended and barking. Rabies certificates required for all dogs on show grounds. Excessive barking, unattended, running loose dogs will be removed by local dog control. This rule also applies to unattended children and lost husbands.

20. Facility Non-Smoking Policy: By order of the Tunica Arena and Exposition Center “NO Smoking in the SHOW ARENA.

21. Parking: Parking of Trucks, Trailers, Campers, Trailers and RV’s in designated areas only. Premium Camper Hook-ups at end of stalls by RESERVATION only. These are designated reserved hook-ups. Anyone not assigned to the reservation only hookups will be asked to move!

Lea Dill - Show Manager

Sam’s Town ShowDown X’s Three Plus One

3590 Baker Road

Walworth, New York 14568-9731

An Exciting Four Judge Show Weekend!

Buffet Party, Live Rock Band, Mardi Gras Parade & Sonny & Cher, Saturday Evening

Pre-Entry Date ~ May 1st, 2008

“Sam’s Town ShowDown X’s Three Plus One”

May 30th, 31st, & June 1st, 2008

Tunica County Arena & Exposition Center, Inc.

3873 U.S. Highway 61 North

Tunica, Mississippi 38676-0639

662 363 3299

Please Include Copies of Registration Papers, Entry Fees (Check), 60-Day Form or Signed Permanent Measurement Cards (Front & Back), Youth & Amateur Cards!
I won't be able to attend this year. Ernie just finished harness training my 31 1/2" stallion and Monday he will be starting another horse for me. I pretty sure that one is staying up at Ernie's all year.
So, no Tunica for me this year.
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Now I am not so sure if I can come. All of the show fees for all the shows I planned to attend will be due togather!! Oh no!! Good luck with your show.
We can not wait. It will be a blast.. Shelly I am sure Lea will let you pay your fees when you get there
instead of way ahead of time if that is all that is keeping you from coming .. ! Also with 4 judges it will be the same as having to travel two weekends but now you only have to go once.. Hope you can see your way to go..
R and B Miniatures is planning to be there. Am looking forward to showing and being around people that I have not got to see since Nationals. I know it is more expensive this year but after thinking about it (not alot) I still feel it is worth it to us to attend. Know that it will be a great show and time for anyone that is planning to attend. SO make room for us cause we plan on arriving that Friday early afternoon.

Totally Looking Forward to being there.

Ron and Bob and Horses.
You know we will be there with horses in tow and Mardi Gras ready!
Belinda is correct, we do not want anyone to miss this show!!! Please call me if you need to hold off on including the check or want me to hold your check... I can make special arrangments, also, I can take credit cards... There is a 3% surcharge on this but if it makes it easier for you -- we can do that.
The show has been approved anyone wanting a show bill, please let me know --will mail out to you!!!

[SIZE=36pt][email protected][/SIZE]
I'm sure we'll have horses there, but since it has been moved away from Memorial Day Weekend, I doubt Mike and I make it.
We'll be there without question; with trailer full to the brim of horses I'm sure
I will consider it but may only bring 1 or 2 horses at the most. I was really looking forward to this show and all the neat stuff that goes on there. Now if I come I have to decide if i will bring the mini or the pony.


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