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I'm weaning her off her meds. So far so good. She doesn't take the Breathe Easy anymore, she's down to one small scoop of anti-hist am and pm (instead of 2 am and pm), and only 1cc of the allergy and asthma in the am. She's eating her wet hay and she even eats alittle dry hay. She's doing great and filling out nicely. I didn't get any new pics of her today, but I will tomarrow and I'll post them soon. SHe looks pregnant now. SHe's had baths and stands wonderfully for them. I even cleaned her udder to see how she was going to be in case I had to milk her or in case she had to be check and stuff like that. She does get alittle annoyed with the toy fox terrier my mom has, but otherwise she's great.


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