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Nov 19, 2010
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Does anybody feed it?

I'm contemplating switching over the herd to a different type of feed. The horses are getting older and more active. Heck, even my dwarf mare (who I have NEVER seen run for ENJOYMENT) ran the ENTIRE pasture with her tail up! It was quite hilarious seeing her run with the fillies. (Weanling and yearlings)

I have been impressed with Purina and I am a longtime fan, but I would like to try something new.

I am looking for some feed that is more fit and more nutritional for my horses. There are two feed shops in a town 25 miles over from here that carries Nutrena, Kent, and Triple Crown.

I'm not sure what I would feed my herd. Even if I had to buy multiple feed types. I have growing horses, pasture puffs, and an active mare.

Growing Horses

(1) 2011 weanlings

(3) 2010 yearlings (including one dwarf)

Pasture Puffs

(1) 2007 dwarf gelding (5 years old)

(1) dwarf mare (older 11-12 years in age)

Active Horses

(1) Mare (10 years)

Everybody is doing good except for my dwarf trio (dam and her offspring). They're underweight, ribby, and hippy.

I want your guys' opinions on what would be a better feed nutritionally for my herd. Money doesn't matter (it does...but I'm really good at budgeting things out. Most of my paycheck goes to the herd anyways.)

I hate horse feed and nutrition in general. It gives me a headache. So, please help. lol.
I LOVE triple crown and purina brands!

My dwarf is really liking the triple crown, and it do put good weight on them. The growing horses I feed omelene 200 and half triple crown, the show horses get straight omelene 200 with other things.

Anything that is just a pasture pet and doesn't need anything just give them omelene 200,

If you need some weight I would suggest wet beet pulp.
Just my 2 cents, but I would never switch feeds unless I had a very good reason and knew exactly what I wanted changed. Then I would contact the nutritionist in my region for the brand of feed I was planning to switch over to and ask their advice.

If you like Purina, and it is readily available, maybe call their nutritionist and see if they think there might be something better than you are feeding now. But they would need specifics about what age, activity level, etc you want the feed for. If what you want to do is add weight, they could likely help you there with either amounts, supplements, or type of feed. Good luck!

P.S. My feed store just asked me why I wasn't feeding the Purina mini feed and I told them I was happy with what I was feeding now and figured "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
I agree if it ain't broke don't fix it.

The only Nutrena feed I fed was SafeChoice and saw negative results feeding that. I am just not at all a Nutrena fan. I have not fed Triple Crown. I have fed Kent feeds before and they are very good feeds. Only reason I changed is because it was too much for my easy keepers. I've fed Dynasty Pro along with Omegatin as supplement to hard keepers and they looked so much better. Omegatin is a great product for those who need added weight. I've fed Dynasty Pride to my easy keepers and really had no problems with it. This is my one who was just on Dynasty Pro. I would not hesitate to go back to Kent, but currently feeding ADM and see how it does for my horses next year. Will not go back to Purina.

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Why switch if the horses are doing well on the other feed?

I did that before, switch feed; trying to find something better, I've learned if it aint broke don't try to fix it.
Triple Crown is a very, very good quality feed, but I feel it has too much fat for the average mini who isnt being worked a lot. Most of their formulas have over 10% fat. For a hard keeper, or horse in very hard work, they are excellent. The majority of their formulas are sweet feeds, I believe they have two that aren't.

Kent is pretty much the same company as Blue Seal. I fed Blue Seal for YEARS and loved it. You know how they say if it aint broke dont fix it? Well, when I got into minis I switched everyone over to Purina at the recommendation of many trainers. I have never been as happy with any feed as I was with the blue seal extruded feeds (Used to be called the vintage line, now called sentinel) I had my horses boarded and they fed crappy first cutting grass hay. Seriously, looking back, that hay was garbage. I fed the blue seal and hay, no supplements, and my horses coats were glowing. The extruded feed is great, its "puffed" kind of like rice krispies. I actually wanted to switch my horses all back to blue seal feeds, but since purina and nutrina have become popular, I cant get it in my area anymore.

I briefly tried a few nutrina products, and wasnt thrilled. I know a few people who use them and love them, but not me. The sweet feed I used had more molasses than ANY sweet feed ive ever seen, and the pelleted feed was very dusty. The sweet feed seemed to work ok, but it was freezing together in the winter, and getting nasty in the summer from all of the molasses. I have fed other sweet feeds before, so thats not just the opinion of someone who hates sweet feed.

I am switching my adult horses over to the purina senior active. They are only 4 and 11, but it looks like it will be a good feed for them. If it does not work as I hope, I am changing everyone to ADM feeds. If Blue seal were available in my area again, I would switch to it in a heart beat.
Your general description of the majority of your horses sounds like what you are feeding them is right for them. . .I would only consider changing (or adding to) those that you are concerned about.
I would question changing feeds if you are happy with the Purina and your horses are doing well. I have never fed Nutrena, but I love Triple Crown! The best I have found for most Minis is the Triple Crown 30% Supplement, it's a ration balancer so the "fluffy" horses only need 1/8 cup twice a day, but those who need more can be fed more of it. If you have hard keepers it's not ideal to feed alone. I love it because I can feed it to all stages/ages from weanlings to my senior mare, open & in foal, etc. I also feed it with shredded beet pulp, to add hydration and so they feel like they are getting more than just a Tablespoon of feed.
The feed actually isn't working for three of them.

I was thinking of switching to a feed that has a little more protein in it since I've been battling it.

The protein has been my biggest issue and the TC 30% seems like it would add some to it.
Tremor - remember that it is the TOTAL protein in the diet that is important, and likely a large part of your horses diet comes from forage such as hay or pasture. The 30% protein "ration balancers" are not designed to be fed in large amounts, but more as supplements to increase the protein, vitamin and mineral levels in the total diet. You also have to be careful that you don't feed TOO MUCH protein (total in diet) as that can be harmful too. I would really suggest you try to contact the Purina nutritionist - through your feed dealer, your vet, or on the Purina website - as he/she should be the expert. Their advice is free. Alfalfa hay or cubes are another way to add protein, and safely.
I feed Triple Crown grow and Perform to my young stock it's 14% protein and I like it, I also feed Triple Crown Senior to our oldsters also in pellet form and it's great, but, I also feed beet pulp and hay and alfalfa, which also has protein. I have been wanting to try the purina mini horse feed but it's not available in my area yet.
Thanks for the responses guys. I've decided that I won't be switching, yet.

We kind of had a mishap, if you want to call it that. I, uh, found a kitten so I'm kind of busying myself with him right now, lol.

Nutrena has never agreed with my ponies, I have fed their Safechoice as well as their Compete feet and the XTN and my horses never looked good on anything that they make. Which is strange, as if you look at the tag on the feed bags, they should be nice feeds.

I fed Purina for the past 4 years, up until recently. I fed Strategy, which actually would be a good feed for what you need in my opinion. However, I lost a lot of respect for Purina recently. I am now feeding an ADM Ultra Fiber horse feed, and its the best feed I have ever fed - everyone looks good and the starch is under control vrs where most of the purina feeds the starch is a little overwhelming. ADM is actually cheaper then purina too, for the most part. I was paying $16.49 a bag for strategy and the healthy edge. The ADM Ultra Fiber Horse Feed which is a pellet is $14.00 at my mill and I feed the same amount of it as strategy, actually a little less to a couple of them, and they look 10 times better.

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