Took Faith to the Drs. today

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Jan 16, 2006
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Hi everyone, sorry I just really need to vent about Drs. these days. Faith was been seen by her Dr. since her peditrician retired about 4 yrs ago. Well it was getting harder and harder to get her in when we needed to, as he always seemed to not be in. So I switched her over to the Dr. Jamie and I see.(Our Dr. is less than 10 min. away, Faith's was about 30 min) Well two weeks ago, I took her over about this rash she has had off and on for a few years. Her other dr. just said it was dry skin or possibly ezema(sp)??.. So i took her over because it was just to bad, as she would cry when she sat in the water for her bath because it hurt to much.. Our dr. seen the rash and could not believe what the other dr told me it was.. Now I have seen hives when Jamie got it from me switching bleach one time, and when I had an allergic reaction to meds. But I was shocked that her rash was from some type of allergy. He put her on clarinex and we had to go back today. She is allergic to milk
. When she was a infant she was on soy(isomil) forumla. But when she was about a yr old I switched her over and she was fine. But this rash has been going on for over 2 yrs at least.. I am just upset for one, that I didn't think of it and two for the dr to have been misdiagnosising her for so long. So, now she is on soy milk and I am watching everything I can to give her without milk. Milk is in everything.. I am going to do more research on different things to give her. But I really feel bad that she has had this all along, and it could have been caught sooner.. And this is what the doctors get paid to do??
Sorry my vent is over... Does anyone else have a milk allergy or have children with one? Where would a good place to start looking for soy based items for a 6 yr old or recipes?

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Find a grocery chain with a natural foods or organic area. You can get all kinds of things there for dietary challenges! There are some wonderful soy based products that taste great and will please any youngster. Some great ice creams, puddings, etc. Rice milk is also very good. It is a little sweet, IMO, so on cereals needs no sugar added. In fact, on sugary ones, it may be too sweet. Soy milk is very healthy.

I'm so glad you found out the problem! Yes, it is annoying that sometimes the doctors don't "listen". You will need to begin training her what to look for on labels -- notify the schools, etc. I've seen several families whose children are in there reading labels to be sure they are able to eat the items. Quite a good method for them to learn by. She's a little young for many things but, not to soon to begin.

Google for lactose free recipes.
I'm so sad for Faith, but I'm glad you finally know what the problem is. You are a great mom so please don't feel guilty. You've done everything you could possibly do to get her help. Now, you can put all that behind you and focus on how much better her life will be now. My son had lots of food allergies and stuff. It was so hard back then to try to convince family and doctors that something wasn't "right". Instead of breaking out in hives, he would just "act" different; behavior wise. What a roller coaster ride! After numerous doctors and finally an allergist we discovered he was allergic to some of his favorite things to eat. I guess that's usually the case. So much time was spent reading labels and eliminating various food items. Thank God he eventually outgrew his allergies and is now a healthy 23 year old. Prayers are there for Faith and you all. There are lots of wonderful people on here who will be able to provide you with much more information. Things are definitely going to get better and we're here for you.

God bless,

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Oh Im sorry! Drs these days. I feel so bad for Faith! I hope she gets better soon.

Yes, find an organic store. I havent drinken milk in over 2 years. I just didnt like it, and Ill puke now even if I sniff it!
my husband is allergic to milk products...he doesn't get a rash though....his turns into sinus issues, headache, stuffy nose. He does eat cheese though and he suffers through it.

Sending the best for Faith!
my husband is allergic to milk products...he doesn't get a rash though....his turns into sinus issues, headache, stuffy nose. He does eat cheese though and he suffers through it.

Sending the best for Faith!
She has alot of these signs to so we thing it is related to the milk to.. So hopefully we can get her feeling better soon, now that we know..
That stinks that the 1st dr didnt catch this!!

It isnt your fault, you were listening to the dr who is supposed to know more!!

I am a firm believer in MOMS, we know our kids like the back of our hand, we are with them and sometimes it is like pulling teeth to get a dr to listen to us MOMS!

I have friends who are lactose intolerant and some have stuffy noises cant breathe symtoms and others have the diarrhea, puking symtoms...

Usually if you do soy or rice milk and then only give them little amounts of milk in things like mac n cheese they can tolerate it..

Everyone is different, but so many do grow out of it..

I once watched a cousin who kept throwing up! Every time he had hotdogs(his favorite food) he puked , I told cousin he is allergic, she took him in and he was allergic to milk!The hotdogs were a cuencidense )sp) I GUESS He also got a rash too..

Good Luck with Faith and this...
I was just at the grocery store yesterday, to pick up a couple cans of goat milk to have on hand when my mares foal, just in case their milk isn't in yet. Anyway, I was talking to the floor manager and he said they have a customer that buys the goats milk by the case for her infant that is allergic to cow's milk. So, perhaps goat's milk would be an option for Faith. [i've not tried it myself, but have heard its good.]
As a baby I was allergic to cows milk so my mom had to give me goat's milk. My son was allergic to it also but by then they had soy forumla so that is what the Dr put him on. Man does that stuff stain!
Or rather it did 41 years ago.
In your grocery store there might be an organic section. Look for whey free food. Whey is grom milk. SO you have to get that.


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